Saturday, 7 March 2009

Public Transport Expert

i have been taking train a lot these days cos of the exorbitant taxi fares. during peak hours when i take cab home from work, it can cost $11!!!!!!! so near yet so exp!!! @!$!@$#

but still, i am very confused when i get out of the train like where the escalator is... esp at city hall v confusing. even at the place where i learn driving, sometimes i will take the wrong escalator and end up right at the other end and i'll have to walk back -.-

my colleague cc is a public transport expert. she knows which bus goes to where. which MRT line faster. from here to there take what bus go to what station take train from what line and takes how many minutes. knows how to use IRIS to check what time the bus is coming. she was teaching me that day...

CC: you see, every bus stop has a number *points to obscure corner of the info board at the bus stop* then, you sms to *recites number*
me: 0.0

at the MRT station... i wanted to wait somewhere then she...

cc: i bring you to the door later when you get off will be at the escalator, just nice ^^
me: 0.0 *impressed* like that you also know
cc: see *point to tiny number at the glass door (we were underground)* every door has a number. just need to remember for each direction, which number is the most convenient door.

but i think she'll be an expert not for long...

cos she just got a car =P next time she will be mountain tortoise like chris.