Saturday, 14 March 2009

Restaurant Review: Imperial Treasures Cantonese Cuisine (Great World City) 5*

Today is our 7th ROM anniversary so we had dinner at the above. The food, ambience and service there is much better than Tung Lok Gallery at Central where we went for Valentine's Day. We were sorely disappointed with Tung Lok Gallery because the service was so bad. for the price (about $150 for a soon hock, spinach with three types of eggs and herbal chicken soup and fruit juice), we expected much better service. and we had to sit on the veranda so no air con some more -.- The herbal chicken soup we ordered arrived at our table but it took them like 3 mins before they actually served the soup into our individual bowls... tsk tsk tsk... so bad. Then the soon hock fish we ordered came "dissected". yeah, instead of serving the fish WHOLE, they cut it up into large pieces and discarded the head and tail -.- i mean, when i order a fish WHOLE, i expect to see it WHOLE. then they served it in some fancy S-shaped plate -.- i like my chinese food traditional, not avande garde. reminds me of boon tong kee's feeble attempt to fusion-ify their food by serving pyramidal-shaped rice -.- *slap forehead*

well, I read that Imperial Treasures is a direct competitor of the Crystal Jade Group (in particular, the higher end Crystal Jade Palace) so whatever Crystal Jade can do, they will try to do better and cheaper. so here's what we had:

the appetiser is an addictive sugar and sesame seed coated walnut which we scraped clean within minutes, and still licked the chopsticks after that. Chris loved his scallop, crab meat and winter melon soup very much, with it's flavourful broth and generous ingredients. i ordered a bird's nest with crab meat soup and was surprised to see a thick soup. i don't particularly like thick soups but i enjoyed this. imagine shark's fin soup (less thick) but in place of shark's fin, it's birds nest, A LOT OF bird's nest =D

chris also wanted roast pork and happily finished the whole plate while i took only two tiny pieces dipped in mustard.

the braised fish maw with goose web was my favourite. i don't eat goose web and chris doesn't eat fish maw. but i like fish maw and chris likes goose web so it was a perfect dish for us ^^ the fish maw just melts in your mouth! yum! =P next time i'll order fish maw with hokkaido sea cucumber! WHAO!!!! collagen... i love collagen =D

the deep-fried soon hock was done just the way we like it. fresh WHOLE fish, crisp on the outside, juicy on the inside and the soy sauce drizzle was just right. cilantro and shredded spring onion not only added visual enjoyment, they also enhanced the taste of the fish =)

for veg, we chose a simple HK kai lan sauteed with garlic but was too full to finish it.

the bill? slightly less than $200. quite reasonable. btw, the restaurant was packed and when i made the reservation, i was told that we can have our seat til 730pm cos they're fully booked.

all in all, i think they have succeeded in what they want to do: beat crystal jade. good job ^^