Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Seh Bak Zahm

in hokkien is literally translated "grow eye needle" which is some form of eye infection. this morning i woke up with my left eye looking like goldfish eye so i went to see the doc...

doc: you seh bak zahm ah! you peep at boys? *chuckle*
me: ha??? -.- husband counted?
doc: *giggle* infection of the secretion duct... could be some dust or eye make-up that clogged the duct so the secretion can't come out and is trapped inside. a great environment for bacterial infection. will give you a cream to apply.
me: er... i am going to a resort, can i still swim?
doc: ya, wear goggles.
me: -.-||| goggles???? that's so... RETRO
doc: what retro??
me: cos i usually swim like that *put on shades pretend to play mahjong*
doc: Tsk! ai yah! then buy a fashionable pair la!
me: -.-