Monday, 23 March 2009

Spa Review: Phyto Hair Spa @ Wheelock (3.5*)

since i can't afford a Macbook Pro (with upgrade to the max $6k+) for jiahui, i treat her to a hair spa at Phyto Hair Spa (they were having a promotion). i have never been there (although i have heard of it and read that they won 2008 best spa experience).

well, here's my take on it.

- free movie on demand. i watched Ironman (but i didn't get to finish watching it)
- Oto massage chair
- nice back massage by therapist
- products feel good and smell nice

- the hair spa area is not separate from the salon area so you can hear the hairdryer and people talking outside. but when you put on your earphones and watch the movie, you actually can't hear anything although you can still see the hustle and bustle if you wanted to. the one i visited at paragon (can't remember name) has a separate "shop" so it's very quiet, secluded and peaceful with bamboo, water features and all... more like a spa.
- the therapist (i believe she is a foreign worker) can only speak mandarin and she couldn't pronounce the names of the massage oils properly. i had no idea what she was saying and just picked the one whose label i can read (the labels were coming off)
- when blowing my hair, i think she yanked out a few strands here and there cos she tugged too hard
- the honey lemon tea is not "natural". i can taste that it's not real honey and real lemon cos real honey and lemon won't leave an aftertaste and layer on your tongue -.- it's those granules or cordial type.
- sales pitch to buy product
- sales pitch to buy package

will i go back again? no. i prefer the paragon one. moreover, the promotional price of $99 per person is only til end of march. usual price is $188. seriously, i won't pay more than $100 for this. cos i don't FEEL i am at a spa and i don't feel pampered. i can get much better service and experience in thailand, indonesia and even malaysia.