Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Tea Tree Oil

We all know that tea tree oil is a safe and mild, yet effective zit zapper but i didn't know it's a great massage oil too. my Ah Kim (from kenko wellness where i go for foot reflexology. her name means Ah Gold) recommended me pure tea tree massage oil for my aches on my calves (cos of high heels), shoulders (cos of camera n lens) and lower back (cos of standing up too much). last night before going to bed, i warmed some between my palms and rubbed it on the 3 areas and wa! donno is it psychological, i instantly felt better and slept like i kong kah kiao until morning! and the oil was very quickly absorbed into the skin so it was not sticky or oily at all.

at $28 a bottle, it's so effective! no need to buy those expensive tired legs emulsion la, this la that la.