Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Undergrad Days

since CY blogged about his undergrad days, it reminded me of mine (which was not too long ago unlike his LOLLLLL)

well, i was the typical kiasu student who would be the first to get my hands on that red spot book in the library IMMEDIATELY after it has been announced. oh, i was also one of those who had time to put make-up and dress up to school kekeke. as i did a double major in two different faculties, i had to commute from one end of NUS to the other end everyday for lessons. sometimes one period after another so i'd be late =P

did i skip lectures? of cos la. yes i skipped lectures, but not because i was lazy. it was because i COULDN'T understand the lecturer's accent!!!! so i'd skip lecture for physics (electricity and magnetism, german guy, and mechanics HK guy) and english (semantics, india indian guy) then go somewhere and mug the textbook. then go for exam. hahaha.

i was very hardworking and i could not tahan lazy people (especially if they're in my group for group projects) cos i'm the type who will finish ALL my tutorials ONE WEEK in advance. so by fri every week, i'd have finished my work for the following week then slack for weekends. sometimes i read ahead. usually immediately after the lecturer has gone through the concept, i will try the tutorial liao, when my memory is still fresh... don't need to wait until teacher says do then do ma...

i did stay in hall neh... for THREE days LOL cos u know what the seniors did? on the first night, come and knock my door at 3am!!!! just for the sake of knocking my door -.- *ROAR* you know what the consequence of rousing me from my beauty sleep is???


kk, i didn't stab anyone (last time in uni we don't hear of stabbings one la) but i did pack up, KRAPUI!!!! and get out of the hall =P