Monday, 23 March 2009

Why I Like Bali

some of you know that we just came back from Bali. we were there from 19-22 mar 2009. it's our second time there. the first was to Ritz Carlton Bali at Jimbaran bay. here's why we like Bali:

+ everytime i go to indonesia, I feel like a millionaire =DDDD what is a 50K le cordon bleu holiday to france??? we spent MILLIONSSSS ok? LOL... hehehe different currency...

+ the people are friendly and the service is good, especially for spa. it's really value for money.

+ short (2.5 hours) getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life.

+ can see stars

+ when they say beach, it's REALLY stretches of long sandy beaches

+ it's bigger than Singapore!

so stay glued to my blog in the next 7-8 days as i upload our travel experiences ^^ be patient k? cos i have 600+ photos to sort out. but my write-up won't be very detailed and editing will be lazy =P cos i am v v busy this week. anyway, write so much you will read meh? most people just want to see pictures LOL

due to the unfavourable flight times (we reached the resort at 9pm and had to leave at 10am), although we were there for 4D3N, it was essentially 2 full days.

we got the package from luxury holidays travel by jetabout. package for two, flight by SQ including 3 nights accomodation was about $2126 (or $1063 each)