Sunday, 29 March 2009

My Colleagues Are So Cute La

LOLLLLLL... i must interject my Bali posts with this... on fri my dept had a retreat and we played the game Taboo. you all know how to play right? or r u like my mountain tortoise colleagues must explain + distribute the cards to show sample? -.-

k la k la, basically you have a card with 4 colours. decide on playing a colour. different colour is different difficulty level. of cos my colleagues chose EASIEST LOL then there is a word/title etc e.g. Lord of the Rings which you have to describe but there is also a list of Taboo words you can't use like Tolkien, Frodo, Gandalf etc. our version is Taboo Singapore.

so KG was describing a word...

KG: *touch his neck* this person bites your neck!
me: husband! wife!
KG: *shakes head violently* no!
me: lover? boyfriend? girlfriend?
KG: *exasperated* PASS!

answer: vampire
taboo words: blood, dracula etc...

the entire group ROFLMAO
everyone: wa lao! ann! wrong frequency man!!!


then VL described the word "first class" with...

VL: i have what honours??
someone: first class!
everyone: WA LAO!

after that there was a word "BOAST"
player: VL what about his degree?
someone A: brag!
someone B: boast!
player: ya correct!
VL: ???? -.-||| *i didn't*

then after that we played pictionary (er... pls don't make me explain how to play pictionary -.-zzz) and HM drew

a cup of coffee, Na+, Cl-, and a face with two eyes (but we couldn't make out that it was a face with two eyes)

we guess guess guess...

coffee! coffee beans! sodium!

te blah te blah...

answer: caffeine.

she explained: the Na+ and Cl- are "chemicals". caffeine is a "chemical" in coffee that keeps you awake (hence the face with two eyes)

like that also can ah? LOL