Thursday, 30 April 2009

Wash Your Hands!

Wa, got swine flu ah... better wash your hands properly people. That's one of the ways to prevent spreading any germs. Chris knows a little about this so he taught me how to wask my hands properly. Here it is (I found it on the internet).

Wash your hands properly ha!

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Movie Review: 10 Promises To My Dog

5* for pet-owners, 4* for normal people

i cried buckets *sobs* until my eyes were swollen the next morning... v v touching. and the puppy is so cute!!!!

two of the promises reminded me of brownie and hiro that's why i cried so much. one of them is: "if we disobey you, we have a good reason" and the other is "when we leave this world, be by our side"

brownie was a well-trained bunny but he started to pee all over the place and i kept getting irritated, scolding him and all. later we found out he had a tumour that was pressing against his spine causing incontinence and i felt so bad thinking he did it because he was naughty *sobs*

and hiro, he died alone at home, while we were at work... we were not by his side when he left us. whenever i think of that, i still feel v sad.

sometimes i wonder whether animals go to heaven when they die... will i get to see brownie and hiro again? do they? chris says yes but i don't know... =(

sad =(

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Ah Ma's Virgin Ride

sunday night on the way to in-law's place for dinner...

chris: so dear, later you fetch ah ma home ah?
me: hehe... u think ah ma will need to eat jing1 feng1 san3* after that? hehe...
chris: no ba...

so over dinner...
me: ah ma, dang wa zai ler dng lai =) (later i drive you home)
ah ma: *pretend didn't hear*

*jing1 feng1 san3 is some chinese herbal remedy to calm one's nerves after trauma or shock

haha, but it was ok la. ah ma was my first passenger other than chris and she said she felt safe. that's good =)

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Star Awards 2009

i have no voice so i won't say so much -.- (like as though when i blog i use my voice LOL). it's predictable la. we know who's gonna win what liao -.- but there are still =D and -.- moments for me.

=D moments:
+ xiang yun won. i like her cos she is a great actress.
+ zheng geping won top 10. i think it's about time actors like him get some limelight. loved his thank you speech. so from-the-heart.
+ guo liang won. he is really articulate and so much better than some singaporean comperes who can't even speak proper mandarin (i won't say which ah beng i'm refering to)
+ when quan yifeng gave her thank you speech and spoke to her daughter, i cried *sobs* so touching.
+ chen hanwei won. heng ah, not little nyonya.. they sweep so many already should leave some for other people ma kekeke
+ i think 715 and zhang yao dong look really sauve.
+ haha, fiona xie didn't win!! don't like her kekeke... =PPPPP
+ i think zoe tay looked HOT!
+ people thanking God =)

-.- moments:
- the beep beep sound to warn award-winners time's up soon is super irritating
- the cutting off of people's thank you speech... so rude
- the wuliao magic tricks and talking crap by the presenters. i don't wanna hear u talk so much crap la, i wanna hear the award-winners talk.
- that lai yiling shouldn't wear such high heels when pregnant. so dangerous, bad for baby. tsk tsk tsk... ai4 mei3 bu2 yao4 ming4...
- huang wen yong never win anything... so sad for him. he's been around for so many years liao like hardly (or never?) win best actor? he is suay la, everytime tio chen hanwei LOL
- dong su hua won AGAIN???? give others a chance neh. i like zhang hai jie too but she never won. dong su hua won like FIVE times -.-
- jeanette aw's outfit is so ugly la and her hair also not pretty one. wonder who the blind stylist is. she is so pretty make until not pretty... sad.

and the most -________- one goes to:
- hui ge squeezed into top 10???!!!!!! *slap forehead* !@#$#@!$???!!!!! who voted??? WHO?????!!!!! too much money no where to spend is it???? !!!???? must be someone call wrong number voting for someone else then keep calling calling skali is vote for hui ge *grumble grumble*


hehehe yes! ZNG!! *blades shoot out from knuckles* X Men Origins: Wolverine is coming next weekend!!! yay yay yay! i like hugh jackman cos he is so cool ^^

can't wait =D

thing is although the concept for x men and heroes is somewhat similar (mutants), i have given up on heroes #@$@ cos i find the story so draggy and convoluted that sometimes i get lost, especially when sylar can now shape-shift (kinda like mystic in x men except that his real self looks v handsome too). when heroes first started, i liked watching it and even named 3 pets after the characters (hiro (who passed away), west and claire) but now i sian liao... chris is still following it faithfully though.

Saturday, 25 April 2009

I <3 2 Q

Singaporeans are crazy... they just love to Q... they Q for food, Q for freebies, Q for hello kitty, Q for flat. i thought i will only READ about such crazy people but there is actually one near me!!! my colleague was sharing her experience of Q-ing 24 hours for a unit at Lumiere at Simei. her mum went to start Q-ing first and her bf then she went to join bf to Q... Q... Q... -.-||| she said she is v v tired ... duh... hahaha... she said another colleague SMSed her, "crazy singaporean"...

haha, AYE.

Friday, 24 April 2009

Are You Smarter Than A Fifth-Grader

that day over dinner, chris n i were watching the last part of the above show and that guy gave up USD$500,000 for a simple Math question... couldn't find the video on youtube so here's the gist of it.

host: the million dollar question, u already have $500,000.
guy: can i just see the subject?
host: let's see the subject - MATH
guy: i will... drop out of school! *punches button*
host: would u like to see the question?
guy: yes...
host: the question is "Which is the only prime number that is a factor of 16?"
chris: O.O -.- O.O
me: O.O -.- O.O
us:AH! he gave up half a million???!!!!!!!!! *feel bang for him*
guy: YES!!! i have $500,000!!!!!!! *punch fists into the air above*
host: so, do you know the answer?
guy: NO!!! =D
us: *stunned, jaw drop to ground* -________-|||

haha... we happened to know the answer cos we happen to know what a prime number is... we would have gone for the $1m if we saw MATH LOL

the answer is 2.

k, but the following one is unbelievable... the question was: "Budapest is the capital of which european country?" it was what she said that is unbelievably stupid... she guessed FRANCE -.-|||

the best part was when the host revealed the answer... you gotta watch this... but not with your mouth full LOL

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Food Good For Health

hehehe... we love butter ^^ butter is good. the rate at which we eat butter is also rather alarming =P thick thick butter on toast, thick thick butter on scones, thick thick butter on hotcakes... yum... butter is nice. butter is good. and hor, must be butter hor... at most a blend... not margarine hor! that's cheating =P

generally, we believe that as long as we like the food, it's good for health =P hehehe but the food i like tend to border on the healthy side (other than butter, choc, egg yolks) unlike chris >.< tsk tsk tsk

i love fruit n veggies, except durians. i am allergic to durians. my colleagues once asked me...

colleagues: u r allergic to durian???? what will happen to you??
me: i will be v upset and there will be collateral damage when i am upset.
colleagues: O.O like that also can call allergy?

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

You're NUTS!

the amount and rate at which chris consumes NUTELLA is unbelievable. when i first married him, i helped him spread nutella like a normal person and he grumbled...

chris: so thin, so stingy *sulk* not nice to eat
me: v thick already! so heaty!
chris: so stingy... *sulk*

so now i have learnt to spread it at least this thick

chris' aunt n ah ma keep buying nutella for him too... and he loves sitting in front of the computer, nutella and spoon in hand, and EATING it... he's NUTS...

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Qin2 Shou4 Bu4 Ru2 Lang2 Xin1 Gou3 Fei4!!!

means worse than a beast, wolf heart dog lung...

bleddy angry *breathe out fire*

Beastly Father 1
read in TNP yesterday that a 47-year-old Taiwanese man in a state of drunken stupor and fit of anger after an argument with his live-in girlfriend threw his 10 month old baby daughter into a wok of boiling water. The baby wailed in agony and although the shocked girlfriend managed to whisk her out, the damage had been done. 90% of her body was scalded but thank God her face and neck were spared. The lady immediately flushed the baby with cold water but while removing the clothing, part of the baby's skin came off. The baby was rushed to hospital but there was a delay because of traffic congestion so the lady took her to a nearby police station where the police placed her in a basin of cold water and called for an ambulance. Her temperature was too low and blood pressure erratic and she was (of course) crying non-stop so the doc had to give her an anaesthetic jab. A doctor described her pain as "being slashed by a thousand knives" and almost 10 times worse than labour pains.

When the beast-of-a-man was arrested, he was by his wok cooking noodles as if nothing happened!!!! what a lowly piece of shit!!!

One of his neighbours said, "He's really a cold-blooded animal. This kind of father just ought to be shot."

I say deep fry that bastard.

Beastly Father 2
In LA, a man has been keeping his daughter in captivity from the age of 6 (she is now 29), assaulting and sexually abusing her (the latter about 10 times a week) and even fathered 3 children by her. He was charged and when he was led away, the woman said, "I hope he suffers, I want him to die in jail because that's what he did to me."

I say castrate that piece of shit.

P.S.: apologise for my strong language... i'm really peeved.


on sat going from ulu changi to kor's house, we had to enter PIE from TPE and the exit was quite congested... i tried to inch my way in but NO ONE would let me... people bullied me on the expressway, they'd cut in la, refuse to let me cut them la -.- i signal to change lane, they accelerate -.- but got one taxi uncle v nice, he aggressively cut the rest in the next lane then slowed down and waved to me to join the lane...

WA, that's nice ^^

haiz... there are so many bullies on the road... they'd ngeh ngeh want to cut in, sometimes people horn me, i don't care, people diao -.- me i don't care... and they obviously don't put into practice what they learnt!

me: erm, dear, how come i'm the only one with signal left? (exit expressway)
chris: cos u r the only P plate around LOL
me: -.-
chris: u r the only noob around dear...
me: people bully me neh
chris: welcome to the world, dear! ^^
me: last time u bully other P plate, now people bully me neh
chris: hehehe... ^^
me: think i will bully other P plate too next time
chris: dear! no!
me: ya, it's like in school ma... your seniors bully you then you bully your juniors then your juniors bully your junior's juniors... it goes on...
chris: -.-|||

Monday, 20 April 2009


before gwyn n kirs birthday party on sat, i attended era's daughter, sonia's party at some ulu chalet in aloha loyang. i got lost, had to do 2 3-point turns and lots of s-courses -.-||| machiam like circuit... then everyone was melting in the non-air-con bungalow so some of us kinda ventured out and i realised her chalet is just right in front of changi boardwalk... WA! i'e never been there before neh! so chris n i jalan jalan there for a while. it's quite a nice place ^^ will try to persuade chris to come n jalan the whole course with me hehehe ^^ haiz, if ling is not preggie, i will chio CY and her to go already then can i check out CY's this filter that filter LOL

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Happy 1st Birthday!!

WEEEE!!! Kirstyn and Gwyneth have turned ONE!!! Yay Yay Yay!!! ^^ but my kor and sister-in-law were too fatigued (cumulative lack of sleep) to have a big party (and also they just had a housewarming party recently) so we just had a cosy family thingy.

My grandma came and she was thrilled to see (more) great-grandchildren...
Left: oldest in the family, Ah Ma (97)
Right: 2nd youngest in the family, Kirstyn (1), the youngest is gwyneth

the girl on the right is melarie, my niece, also my flower girl at my wedding.. boy, has she grown =P the guy is her elder bro brian... i still remember the two of them when they were like super cute. now brian is taller than me -.-||| how time flies.

kor and gwyneth acting pensive, pondering life... i think gwyn looks like a japanese doll here =)

the cake ^^ lychee martini cake from pine garden. super expensive. 1 kg cost $36, still need to add $20 artistic fee and $15 delivery charge -.-||| but it was delicious. gwyn and kirstyn ate some too (^^)V

earlier on, my kor n sister-in-law sang, "happy birthday to you! you were born in the zoo!..." *slap forehead* but here we sang the proper one haha...

Moshi Moshi ^^

Kirstyn on the phone with daddy ^^

So, how do I tell my nieces apart? Kirstyn is the pretty girlie one, Gwyneth is the cute boyish one ^^

Saturday, 18 April 2009

cute ^^

i learnt to draw bunny ^^


cute hor?

Friday, 17 April 2009


ironically, nowadays, i only take cab when i get off early or super late. if i knock off between 5-8pm, i will go and squeeze bus


so i went to my mum's that day to visit her... i left office at 630pm, took bus to MRT station, took MRT to buona vista then walked to her place. =PPPP reached at 8pm

after that i took cab home (cos chris was having meeting... he was so near yet so far) it took about half an hour, $19...

that taxi uncle v stubborn, made me so pek cek >.<

uncle: go by where?
me: KPE
uncle: exit at XX?
me: no, YY, got new exit at YY.

he still went to exit at XX. although can still go home, i was -.-

me: er, uncle, i said exit at YY neh then can straight go my house
uncle: that one how can go your house?
me: -.- can, my husband do that everyday
uncle: u sure anot?
me: -.- yes
uncle: you see, it's this road! he go by this road!
me: no, it's not this road
uncle: then? then he go by where?
me: *sigh* it's ok la, reaching home already... (i'm so bleddy tired don't want to argue w u!)
uncle: where? tell me where? he go by where? ha?
me: it's ok (you win)
uncle: no! you must tell me where then next time i will know ma!
me: i can't remember exit name... but it's not this one... (it's near CY house one)
uncle: ha? how can don't know exit name? you sit in the car sleep only ah?
me: (ok, stop it before i erupt, you're pushing it) *sigh* it's ok uncle, reaching already...
uncle: you must know the road names ma!

bleddy pek cek!

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Hocus Pocus

haha... we were a little bored over the long weekend and there weren't any good movies on TV (it's a ploy! they want us to go out and spend money!) so we dug out some old DVDs to watch and decided on A Chinese Ghost Story 2 LOLLL

this was the show that shot joey wong to stardom and made her the dream girl of every teenage boy then. my american told me he was very fascinated with this show when he watched it for the first time because the people could fly here and there when they fought LOL

ok, so chris n i were watching right and there was this part where jackie cheung chanted some spell to chase away the evil spirits and the english subtitles wrote, "hocus pocus, abracadabra"

chris and i >.> <.< AHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

and the "special" effects are so bad!! i mean, you can't even call it CG neh... LOL

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Act Cute...

When West is not naughty and behaves, he is actually very very cute ^^ golly, has he grown? LOL


Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Friedrich: >.<|||

hehehe... so last night after i got my license, chris came to fetch me and I drove to IKEA for dinner and I drove home =DDD got people overtake me... don't care! people bully me... don't care! but i did make some boo boos...

- activated windshield wiper ONCE

chris: DEAR! it's not raining!!!!

- knocked down roadworks plastic barricades outside my house multistorey carpark =P
- cannot park at IKEA (actually, i still can't park if got no poles LOL) but heng v empty so drove straight into an empty lot
- when parking at home carpark, reversed too fast, tires KONG! hit the back kerbs... heng ah, got the two kerbs at the back otherwise will KONG friedrich's backside =P

chris said if he was BEHIND me he will be v pek cek! LOL

hng! don't care!

Testing Testing 123

since sunday i had been feeling v nervous... went for my last lesson... so nervous and panicked until mounted kerb (i never mounted berk before) + suddenly could not zhioop in zhioop out // park >.<|||

the test was yesterday afternoon 3:45 warm-up at 2:40... at around 1 i kancheong until lao sai >.< anw i was v kiasu reached ubi at 145 then zzz... in the air con room... 2:30 warm-up instructor called my name, went for warm-up too nervous had to redo vertical parking >.< then saw some girls also come test, wear shorts -.- tsk tsk tsk...

so the 20+ of us sat in the room and the testers who tio our names came and called us one by one... one by one followed tester out then left only 3 people... i was like... sheesh... how come i first to come not yet call me??? then finally, an old (the testers usually v old one) soft-spoken man called my name... i bolted out of my seat...

me: good afternoon, sir + *bow*

went to my car, check everything, put seatbelt, signal, release andbrake and foot brake... READY TO GO!!!

-_________-||| car didn't move...

me: >.< pull handbrake and release again

car still didn't move...

me: *cry out to God* oh no God, pls don't let me fail without even doing the test!!! AAHHHH!!!! what's happening????

try again, step and release footbrake... car still there...

*want to cry + sweat blood*

tester: the car is parked on a lower spot so you need to step accelerator then will move...
me: oh *so desu ne!* thank you


everything went pretty smoothly in the circuit! PTL! and he didn't test me E brake so i didn't scream!!! yay!!! but nowadays the testers use tablet PC neh! wa! teknologi! so everytime u do something stupid they will tok tok tok their tablet PC... haha

finished circuit went out....

tester: in front turn right...

after a while

tester: tester: in front turn right... anyone in your family drives?
me: er ya, my husband, my brother and my father-in-law
tester: in front turn right again... ya then go back driving centre
me: ???? *what? like that? no 5-lane road from left lane zhioop to right lane? no u turn? no funny lane roads? die le la.... sheesh... *

at the debrief...

tester: your circuit quite good.... your points v good
me: oh... erm... so did i pass?
tester: -.- if you didn't pass i will bring you go round and round already! i only did 10% of your test route =)
me: =DDDD thank you
tester: that's why i asked whether u got family members who drive. since your husband drives, i will leave it to him to take care of you =)
me: !!! (tester doesn't know chris) =) ok, thanks. hehehe....
tester: let me go through with you your weaknesses
me: *ALL EARS*
tester: kee lee koo loo kee lee koo loo
me: yes, i will take note + nod head

after exiting the room WA!!!!! SMS ah SMS ah! tell whole world i passed!!!!


Monday, 13 April 2009


[i-phone pic]



FIRST attempt

... and i didn't wear short skirt k??? k? k? k? LOL

i want to thank firstly God, for the nice instructor, great weather (cool but no rain), the test route and everything that went smoothly ^^

my husband chris for his encouragement and support, for the new car (which he got, and gave up his old because his old car is manual) and for the chanel bag =DDD haha actually he bought this end of last year when he was in Europe cos it's much cheaper and it is supposed to spur me on =)

my driving instructors Alvin and Tom from kovan comfort-delgro school. They're v experienced and v good. will miss chatting w Alvin =) he is v father-figure one. actually last time i was v pek cek w tom cos he is v v strict and made me v stressed but now on hindsight, i am thankful that he is if not i wouldn't have breezed through =) thank you teachers!

also my colleagues for their concern and encouragement =) especially CC who wrote me a gambatte note and for calming me down when i kancheong, as well as HY...

HY walked up to me and stretched out his hand for a handshake

HY: all the best for your test later =)
me: =DD
HY: i passed first time one *may-the-force-be-with-you look + handshake*

so when i passed i SMSed him, he BHB-ly said "Congrats! Lucky you shake my hand! haha"

-_______-||| haha, k k thanks... =)

my kor said...

kor: tell u, when they see your age ha, they let u pass liao
me: -.-
kor: serious, if u r those 18 year old young punks, v difficult to pass one!
me: -.- *he's still rubbing it in*

KJ: you ner wear short skirt you wear low cut isit? LOL
me: -.- never! i dressed v decently k! (i went from work... in my line, i can't wear sexy clothes... no low cut, no short skirt =P)
KJ: hehe... my friend wore low cut + mini skirt also pass first time!
me: tsk tsk tsk... i am shi2 li4 pai4 one k!
KJ: must be he see you pretty... hehehe

-.- *grumble grumble* everyone has no faith in my skills *slap forehead*

LOL but really thank God... my tester is very nice, the test route only do 3 right turns LOL go out turn right, turn right, turn right, come back liao hahaha...

tell you more about the test tmr =)

thanks everyone! CC, KG, HY, June, Vincent, TF, Miss Lee!

signing out,
future Qiu1 Ming2 Shan1 Che1 Shen2

Pik Pok Tiao

that day i took cab to chris office to use the gym (which is quite good!) but miscalculated the time so...

at 4:59pm
cab meter: $10

piak! $12!!!!

i: O.O!!!! how come jump $2 suddenly??!!! #$%^%&

then as time passes, the cab meter jump jump jump, the small meter jump jump jump my heart also pik pok tiao jump jump jump. my eyes were glued to the two meters... within 3 mins jumped $6!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAHHHHH!!!!!!!

end up the trip cost $28.70... heart v pain.

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Best Actor Award Goes To...

West Wong!!!! for his role in At The Vet

That day chris brought the kids for check-up and West was so doe-eyed, clinging on to chris like as though he was saying...

west: daddy =( i'm scared!!

vet felt he is sooo cute... then vet took claire's fur sample (suspect got infection) to test, she walked out

west jumped off chris and started exploring her desk, chris had to grab him and pull him out from behind her computer.

vet came back...

west clung on to chris with the "daddy, i am scared" look again


Saturday, 11 April 2009


my mum showed me her yunan photos and i almost choked on the sea cucumber LOL i took a photo of her photo w my i-phone so the quality is REALLY bad but i think you can still see... she dressed up in one of the ethnic costumes...

she and her khakis...


Friday, 10 April 2009

My Husband's Wife Says The Darnest Things

We always listen to newsradio 938 on the way to work and they were talking about Goths. apparently there's a goth movement in singapore and they described goths as "always in black"... and gave advise to parents on how to respond when their children declare they're Goths.

me: *GASP!!!* dear! are west and claire goths???? they're always in black!!!! *GASP!*
chris: -_______________-||| *speechless*

My Husband Says The Darnest Things

Have you watched this very touching ad?

i think it's really touching and i almost teared when i watched it =) reminds me to cherish our loved ones while they're still with us =)

but chris asked me:

chris: dear, when i'm gone will you miss my snoring?
me: NO -.-
chris: *pretend to want to cry* will you miss my fart?
me: -.-||| >.< *roll eyeballs*

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Heart Attack

just finished driving lesson and instructor said in his 10 years of teaching, i'm the first person to scream during E brake -.-|||

instructor: skali the tester heart attack die er!
me: !!!
instructor: then sure on front page! other people eat rojak die, your tester die of heart attack during test. first time ever!

=( he laughed at me

Family Salespeople -.-

Don't you hate it when people try to sell you things you don't need? and isn't it worse if it's a relative???

yesterday i received a phonecall from a cousin who has never really called me and she started her sales talk about a "miracle" fruit juice that will cure all diseases (she didn't really say that but gave examples of people with this condition that condition or this problem that problem drink already condition improved or problem disappeared) and "make my complexion very good"


but she went on and on and said my grandma drinks it, uncle drinks it, mum drinks it etc. and how she noticed my grandma's skin is now so smooth and soft (my grandma is 97 years old) -.-

and i was trying to watch TV but she kept talking so i agreed to buy one bottle from her -.-

$50 per bottle -.-|||

and she ended off saying she hopes i will order from her


Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Machi Efot! Riteru Efot!

I don't know if you have seen the soy joy bar ad with a girl getting a tattoo to make her look slimmer but ended up with a blotched job then got voice-over "Much Effort! Little Effort!"


much as i love anything japanese, i cannot tahan some japanese ads, like those "I can gib you gatsby! gatsby! gatsby!" ads which are so pointless -.- if not for takuya kimura (SEXEH!!!), the ad is really buay tahan. for a nation so creative, their ad industry really needs some work LOL

ok, see how you feel when it's NOT takuya kimura LOL

the whole collection of "I can gib you gatsby" ads.

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Man's Best Friend

Chris used to have a dog called Rocky whom he loved. he'd share his bird's nest (with the same spoon) with rocky. rocky also ate durian and chicken drumstick -.-

well, if you look at chris' dad (also an animal lover), you'd know why chris is like that... they recently adopted my bro's dog, scruffy...


my father-in-law talks to scruffy...

dad: go, go find ah mui! (ah mui is what my father-in-law calls my mum-in-law)
scruffy: *walk to my mum-in-law*

-.- diao... ok, the one below is ultimate but erm... i'm not as good as my father-in-law but will try to translate -.-|||

scruffy: ahw! ahw! ahw! ahw ahw! (i want go downstairs!)
dad: you want to go downstairs?
scruffy: ahw! (ya!)
dad: but this morning we just went down!
scruffy: ahw! ahw! ahw! ahw! ahw ahw! (but i want go again!)
dad: you want to go again?
scruffy: ahw! (ya!)
dad: ok ok... haiz *grab leash* come!
scruffy: ahw! ahw! ahw! =PPPPPP (hehehe! =PPPPPP)

mum: >.> ni3 kan4! yi4 ren2 yi4 gou3 zai4 jiang3 hua4! (you see, one man one dog talking!)


Monday, 6 April 2009

Pretty In Pink

Not say i want to say er... don't we look pretty in pink? gwyneth on my right, kirstyn on my left.


wa, i tell you ah, it's no joke man. carrying kirstyn for 15 mins made my arm ache =P

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Palm Sunday

This is what my "Soloist" Ministry does once in a while. We're actually soloists who present a solo song offering during tithe and offering time but sometimes we think hey! maybe we can sing together neh! =D they were shy didn't want to do actions that Mummy Jo (there r 2 Joannes, one is a mummy one is not) and I choreographed so we ended up looking rather stiff LOL

i sing the alto part (I'm an alto by the way) i.e. the "not melody" lower female part.

hahaha... click there ------>

there! -------> top right

still can't find? *slap forehead* THERE!!! ----->

Saturday, 4 April 2009

E Brake

hm... that time i screamed during e brake right, so yesterday afternoon my instructor wanted to test me again...

in the circuit...
him: later i slam dashboard you must E brake ha.
me: orh...

circle circle... circle circle... reached a stretch with no cars...

me: =DD hehehe you going to do E brake here right??
him: >.> how u know?
me: cos you bring me to this stretch, no cars!
him: you so clever...
me: so? *anticipate, get ready to jam brake*
him: you anticipate i don't want do already *sulk*
me: -.-
him: if u know not fun already *sulk* must do when u r least aware

circle circle... circle circle.... again...

me: hehehe.... u gonna do E brake!
him: -.- u v clever.... i don't want do already...
me: -.-

so end up he didn't do E brake w me...

him: haiz, how ha? today never do E brake?
me: want me to yi si yi si do for you? i kah kee do la.
him: -.- E brake cannot anyhow do one! last time got one student during test do himself, the instructor got a shock! then the student said he thought everything he learnt he must do during test -.-||| immediate failure!!

apparently it was an uncle, the oldest ever student at 69 who used his CPF money to learn driving cos his dream is to drive a car but he always fail, fail like 5, 6, times and spent a lot of money... he knows the circuit so well always call to give feedback like "the curb there paint faded" la until the school scared of him. tester see him also scared. other people is scared of tester, but this one tester scared of him LOL so funny....

Friday, 3 April 2009

Superman + Wonderwoman

What do you get when superman marries wonderwoman???

you get many many kids.

on sunday my church friends n i were talking about our common church friend couple. apparently they just had their SEVENTH kid and mummy delivered the baby at HOME so daddy carried the baby in arms with umbilical cord still attached (i think CY will freak out if he had to do that LOL) ey, and it's not those have girl girl girl keep trying to get boy one k? they have many because they WANT to.

before your jaw drops... read on

mummy is a homemaker who home-schools ALL her kids and i think she doesn't have any domestic helper (or maybe just one, not sure).

ok, now you can let your jaw drop to the ground.

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Driving Mock Test

that day my instructor sprung a surprise mock test at me and haiz, usually during lesson i zhioop here zhioop there like very lihai but that day i forgot everything...

in the circuit...

instructor: ok, let's start the mock test
me: *bow* good afternoon, sir
instructor: -.- the tester will say "can drive means can drive. cannot drive greet also no use"
me: *grumble grumble*
instructor: go up the slope

so i went up and stopped before the stop line. then i slowly released the brake and car gostan a bit! i was like !!! then i mouthed, "sh*t..." under my breath and instructor >.> me but kept quiet... sheesh, i forgot something i forgot something... heck la, just signal, step accl and go up.

instructor: *cannot tahan must tell me* just now u didn't pull handbrake!!!
me: OH YAH!!! i was thinking i forgot something... GAH!
instructor: the slope there, immediately failure!

there were 3 other instances the tester could have given me immediate failure, according to my instructor:

1. change lane in yellow box... cos right, there's this keep left rule but ubi got a lot of funny roads one (i think they purposely draw these funny lanes) so there was this left lane that is a turn left cannot go straight lane and i realised that so i quickly zhioop back to middle lane. but suay suay caught in yellow box while doing that -.-

2. when exiting the directional change station failed to give way to right of traffic nearly caused the other car to langah me, instructor stepped brake =(

3. screamed during E brake. you know this one is v v sudden one neh. the tester will suddenly PIAK! slam the dashboard then you gotta E brake. but so sudden i was caught unaware ma so i AAHHH!!! screamed first then jam brake -.-|||

instructor: you scream so loud, frighten tester, can immediate failure...
me: =(