Friday, 17 April 2009


ironically, nowadays, i only take cab when i get off early or super late. if i knock off between 5-8pm, i will go and squeeze bus


so i went to my mum's that day to visit her... i left office at 630pm, took bus to MRT station, took MRT to buona vista then walked to her place. =PPPP reached at 8pm

after that i took cab home (cos chris was having meeting... he was so near yet so far) it took about half an hour, $19...

that taxi uncle v stubborn, made me so pek cek >.<

uncle: go by where?
me: KPE
uncle: exit at XX?
me: no, YY, got new exit at YY.

he still went to exit at XX. although can still go home, i was -.-

me: er, uncle, i said exit at YY neh then can straight go my house
uncle: that one how can go your house?
me: -.- can, my husband do that everyday
uncle: u sure anot?
me: -.- yes
uncle: you see, it's this road! he go by this road!
me: no, it's not this road
uncle: then? then he go by where?
me: *sigh* it's ok la, reaching home already... (i'm so bleddy tired don't want to argue w u!)
uncle: where? tell me where? he go by where? ha?
me: it's ok (you win)
uncle: no! you must tell me where then next time i will know ma!
me: i can't remember exit name... but it's not this one... (it's near CY house one)
uncle: ha? how can don't know exit name? you sit in the car sleep only ah?
me: (ok, stop it before i erupt, you're pushing it) *sigh* it's ok uncle, reaching already...
uncle: you must know the road names ma!

bleddy pek cek!