Monday, 13 April 2009


[i-phone pic]



FIRST attempt

... and i didn't wear short skirt k??? k? k? k? LOL

i want to thank firstly God, for the nice instructor, great weather (cool but no rain), the test route and everything that went smoothly ^^

my husband chris for his encouragement and support, for the new car (which he got, and gave up his old because his old car is manual) and for the chanel bag =DDD haha actually he bought this end of last year when he was in Europe cos it's much cheaper and it is supposed to spur me on =)

my driving instructors Alvin and Tom from kovan comfort-delgro school. They're v experienced and v good. will miss chatting w Alvin =) he is v father-figure one. actually last time i was v pek cek w tom cos he is v v strict and made me v stressed but now on hindsight, i am thankful that he is if not i wouldn't have breezed through =) thank you teachers!

also my colleagues for their concern and encouragement =) especially CC who wrote me a gambatte note and for calming me down when i kancheong, as well as HY...

HY walked up to me and stretched out his hand for a handshake

HY: all the best for your test later =)
me: =DD
HY: i passed first time one *may-the-force-be-with-you look + handshake*

so when i passed i SMSed him, he BHB-ly said "Congrats! Lucky you shake my hand! haha"

-_______-||| haha, k k thanks... =)

my kor said...

kor: tell u, when they see your age ha, they let u pass liao
me: -.-
kor: serious, if u r those 18 year old young punks, v difficult to pass one!
me: -.- *he's still rubbing it in*

KJ: you ner wear short skirt you wear low cut isit? LOL
me: -.- never! i dressed v decently k! (i went from work... in my line, i can't wear sexy clothes... no low cut, no short skirt =P)
KJ: hehe... my friend wore low cut + mini skirt also pass first time!
me: tsk tsk tsk... i am shi2 li4 pai4 one k!
KJ: must be he see you pretty... hehehe

-.- *grumble grumble* everyone has no faith in my skills *slap forehead*

LOL but really thank God... my tester is very nice, the test route only do 3 right turns LOL go out turn right, turn right, turn right, come back liao hahaha...

tell you more about the test tmr =)

thanks everyone! CC, KG, HY, June, Vincent, TF, Miss Lee!

signing out,
future Qiu1 Ming2 Shan1 Che1 Shen2