Tuesday, 21 April 2009


on sat going from ulu changi to kor's house, we had to enter PIE from TPE and the exit was quite congested... i tried to inch my way in but NO ONE would let me... people bullied me on the expressway, they'd cut in la, refuse to let me cut them la -.- i signal to change lane, they accelerate -.- but got one taxi uncle v nice, he aggressively cut the rest in the next lane then slowed down and waved to me to join the lane...

WA, that's nice ^^

haiz... there are so many bullies on the road... they'd ngeh ngeh want to cut in, sometimes people horn me, i don't care, people diao -.- me i don't care... and they obviously don't put into practice what they learnt!

me: erm, dear, how come i'm the only one with signal left? (exit expressway)
chris: cos u r the only P plate around LOL
me: -.-
chris: u r the only noob around dear...
me: people bully me neh
chris: welcome to the world, dear! ^^
me: last time u bully other P plate, now people bully me neh
chris: hehehe... ^^
me: think i will bully other P plate too next time
chris: dear! no!
me: ya, it's like in school ma... your seniors bully you then you bully your juniors then your juniors bully your junior's juniors... it goes on...
chris: -.-|||