Monday, 20 April 2009


before gwyn n kirs birthday party on sat, i attended era's daughter, sonia's party at some ulu chalet in aloha loyang. i got lost, had to do 2 3-point turns and lots of s-courses -.-||| machiam like circuit... then everyone was melting in the non-air-con bungalow so some of us kinda ventured out and i realised her chalet is just right in front of changi boardwalk... WA! i'e never been there before neh! so chris n i jalan jalan there for a while. it's quite a nice place ^^ will try to persuade chris to come n jalan the whole course with me hehehe ^^ haiz, if ling is not preggie, i will chio CY and her to go already then can i check out CY's this filter that filter LOL