Thursday, 2 April 2009

Driving Mock Test

that day my instructor sprung a surprise mock test at me and haiz, usually during lesson i zhioop here zhioop there like very lihai but that day i forgot everything...

in the circuit...

instructor: ok, let's start the mock test
me: *bow* good afternoon, sir
instructor: -.- the tester will say "can drive means can drive. cannot drive greet also no use"
me: *grumble grumble*
instructor: go up the slope

so i went up and stopped before the stop line. then i slowly released the brake and car gostan a bit! i was like !!! then i mouthed, "sh*t..." under my breath and instructor >.> me but kept quiet... sheesh, i forgot something i forgot something... heck la, just signal, step accl and go up.

instructor: *cannot tahan must tell me* just now u didn't pull handbrake!!!
me: OH YAH!!! i was thinking i forgot something... GAH!
instructor: the slope there, immediately failure!

there were 3 other instances the tester could have given me immediate failure, according to my instructor:

1. change lane in yellow box... cos right, there's this keep left rule but ubi got a lot of funny roads one (i think they purposely draw these funny lanes) so there was this left lane that is a turn left cannot go straight lane and i realised that so i quickly zhioop back to middle lane. but suay suay caught in yellow box while doing that -.-

2. when exiting the directional change station failed to give way to right of traffic nearly caused the other car to langah me, instructor stepped brake =(

3. screamed during E brake. you know this one is v v sudden one neh. the tester will suddenly PIAK! slam the dashboard then you gotta E brake. but so sudden i was caught unaware ma so i AAHHH!!! screamed first then jam brake -.-|||

instructor: you scream so loud, frighten tester, can immediate failure...
me: =(