Thursday, 9 April 2009

Family Salespeople -.-

Don't you hate it when people try to sell you things you don't need? and isn't it worse if it's a relative???

yesterday i received a phonecall from a cousin who has never really called me and she started her sales talk about a "miracle" fruit juice that will cure all diseases (she didn't really say that but gave examples of people with this condition that condition or this problem that problem drink already condition improved or problem disappeared) and "make my complexion very good"


but she went on and on and said my grandma drinks it, uncle drinks it, mum drinks it etc. and how she noticed my grandma's skin is now so smooth and soft (my grandma is 97 years old) -.-

and i was trying to watch TV but she kept talking so i agreed to buy one bottle from her -.-

$50 per bottle -.-|||

and she ended off saying she hopes i will order from her