Thursday, 23 April 2009

Food Good For Health

hehehe... we love butter ^^ butter is good. the rate at which we eat butter is also rather alarming =P thick thick butter on toast, thick thick butter on scones, thick thick butter on hotcakes... yum... butter is nice. butter is good. and hor, must be butter hor... at most a blend... not margarine hor! that's cheating =P

generally, we believe that as long as we like the food, it's good for health =P hehehe but the food i like tend to border on the healthy side (other than butter, choc, egg yolks) unlike chris >.< tsk tsk tsk

i love fruit n veggies, except durians. i am allergic to durians. my colleagues once asked me...

colleagues: u r allergic to durian???? what will happen to you??
me: i will be v upset and there will be collateral damage when i am upset.
colleagues: O.O like that also can call allergy?