Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Friedrich: >.<|||

hehehe... so last night after i got my license, chris came to fetch me and I drove to IKEA for dinner and I drove home =DDD got people overtake me... don't care! people bully me... don't care! but i did make some boo boos...

- activated windshield wiper ONCE

chris: DEAR! it's not raining!!!!

- knocked down roadworks plastic barricades outside my house multistorey carpark =P
- cannot park at IKEA (actually, i still can't park if got no poles LOL) but heng v empty so drove straight into an empty lot
- when parking at home carpark, reversed too fast, tires KONG! hit the back kerbs... heng ah, got the two kerbs at the back otherwise will KONG friedrich's backside =P

chris said if he was BEHIND me he will be v pek cek! LOL

hng! don't care!