Sunday, 19 April 2009

Happy 1st Birthday!!

WEEEE!!! Kirstyn and Gwyneth have turned ONE!!! Yay Yay Yay!!! ^^ but my kor and sister-in-law were too fatigued (cumulative lack of sleep) to have a big party (and also they just had a housewarming party recently) so we just had a cosy family thingy.

My grandma came and she was thrilled to see (more) great-grandchildren...
Left: oldest in the family, Ah Ma (97)
Right: 2nd youngest in the family, Kirstyn (1), the youngest is gwyneth

the girl on the right is melarie, my niece, also my flower girl at my wedding.. boy, has she grown =P the guy is her elder bro brian... i still remember the two of them when they were like super cute. now brian is taller than me -.-||| how time flies.

kor and gwyneth acting pensive, pondering life... i think gwyn looks like a japanese doll here =)

the cake ^^ lychee martini cake from pine garden. super expensive. 1 kg cost $36, still need to add $20 artistic fee and $15 delivery charge -.-||| but it was delicious. gwyn and kirstyn ate some too (^^)V

earlier on, my kor n sister-in-law sang, "happy birthday to you! you were born in the zoo!..." *slap forehead* but here we sang the proper one haha...