Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Man's Best Friend

Chris used to have a dog called Rocky whom he loved. he'd share his bird's nest (with the same spoon) with rocky. rocky also ate durian and chicken drumstick -.-

well, if you look at chris' dad (also an animal lover), you'd know why chris is like that... they recently adopted my bro's dog, scruffy...


my father-in-law talks to scruffy...

dad: go, go find ah mui! (ah mui is what my father-in-law calls my mum-in-law)
scruffy: *walk to my mum-in-law*

-.- diao... ok, the one below is ultimate but erm... i'm not as good as my father-in-law but will try to translate -.-|||

scruffy: ahw! ahw! ahw! ahw ahw! (i want go downstairs!)
dad: you want to go downstairs?
scruffy: ahw! (ya!)
dad: but this morning we just went down!
scruffy: ahw! ahw! ahw! ahw! ahw ahw! (but i want go again!)
dad: you want to go again?
scruffy: ahw! (ya!)
dad: ok ok... haiz *grab leash* come!
scruffy: ahw! ahw! ahw! =PPPPPP (hehehe! =PPPPPP)

mum: >.> ni3 kan4! yi4 ren2 yi4 gou3 zai4 jiang3 hua4! (you see, one man one dog talking!)