Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Movie Review: 10 Promises To My Dog

5* for pet-owners, 4* for normal people

i cried buckets *sobs* until my eyes were swollen the next morning... v v touching. and the puppy is so cute!!!!

two of the promises reminded me of brownie and hiro that's why i cried so much. one of them is: "if we disobey you, we have a good reason" and the other is "when we leave this world, be by our side"

brownie was a well-trained bunny but he started to pee all over the place and i kept getting irritated, scolding him and all. later we found out he had a tumour that was pressing against his spine causing incontinence and i felt so bad thinking he did it because he was naughty *sobs*

and hiro, he died alone at home, while we were at work... we were not by his side when he left us. whenever i think of that, i still feel v sad.

sometimes i wonder whether animals go to heaven when they die... will i get to see brownie and hiro again? do they? chris says yes but i don't know... =(

sad =(