Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Qin2 Shou4 Bu4 Ru2 Lang2 Xin1 Gou3 Fei4!!!

means worse than a beast, wolf heart dog lung...

bleddy angry *breathe out fire*

Beastly Father 1
read in TNP yesterday that a 47-year-old Taiwanese man in a state of drunken stupor and fit of anger after an argument with his live-in girlfriend threw his 10 month old baby daughter into a wok of boiling water. The baby wailed in agony and although the shocked girlfriend managed to whisk her out, the damage had been done. 90% of her body was scalded but thank God her face and neck were spared. The lady immediately flushed the baby with cold water but while removing the clothing, part of the baby's skin came off. The baby was rushed to hospital but there was a delay because of traffic congestion so the lady took her to a nearby police station where the police placed her in a basin of cold water and called for an ambulance. Her temperature was too low and blood pressure erratic and she was (of course) crying non-stop so the doc had to give her an anaesthetic jab. A doctor described her pain as "being slashed by a thousand knives" and almost 10 times worse than labour pains.

When the beast-of-a-man was arrested, he was by his wok cooking noodles as if nothing happened!!!! what a lowly piece of shit!!!

One of his neighbours said, "He's really a cold-blooded animal. This kind of father just ought to be shot."

I say deep fry that bastard.

Beastly Father 2
In LA, a man has been keeping his daughter in captivity from the age of 6 (she is now 29), assaulting and sexually abusing her (the latter about 10 times a week) and even fathered 3 children by her. He was charged and when he was led away, the woman said, "I hope he suffers, I want him to die in jail because that's what he did to me."

I say castrate that piece of shit.

P.S.: apologise for my strong language... i'm really peeved.