Sunday, 26 April 2009

Star Awards 2009

i have no voice so i won't say so much -.- (like as though when i blog i use my voice LOL). it's predictable la. we know who's gonna win what liao -.- but there are still =D and -.- moments for me.

=D moments:
+ xiang yun won. i like her cos she is a great actress.
+ zheng geping won top 10. i think it's about time actors like him get some limelight. loved his thank you speech. so from-the-heart.
+ guo liang won. he is really articulate and so much better than some singaporean comperes who can't even speak proper mandarin (i won't say which ah beng i'm refering to)
+ when quan yifeng gave her thank you speech and spoke to her daughter, i cried *sobs* so touching.
+ chen hanwei won. heng ah, not little nyonya.. they sweep so many already should leave some for other people ma kekeke
+ i think 715 and zhang yao dong look really sauve.
+ haha, fiona xie didn't win!! don't like her kekeke... =PPPPP
+ i think zoe tay looked HOT!
+ people thanking God =)

-.- moments:
- the beep beep sound to warn award-winners time's up soon is super irritating
- the cutting off of people's thank you speech... so rude
- the wuliao magic tricks and talking crap by the presenters. i don't wanna hear u talk so much crap la, i wanna hear the award-winners talk.
- that lai yiling shouldn't wear such high heels when pregnant. so dangerous, bad for baby. tsk tsk tsk... ai4 mei3 bu2 yao4 ming4...
- huang wen yong never win anything... so sad for him. he's been around for so many years liao like hardly (or never?) win best actor? he is suay la, everytime tio chen hanwei LOL
- dong su hua won AGAIN???? give others a chance neh. i like zhang hai jie too but she never won. dong su hua won like FIVE times -.-
- jeanette aw's outfit is so ugly la and her hair also not pretty one. wonder who the blind stylist is. she is so pretty make until not pretty... sad.

and the most -________- one goes to:
- hui ge squeezed into top 10???!!!!!! *slap forehead* !@#$#@!$???!!!!! who voted??? WHO?????!!!!! too much money no where to spend is it???? !!!???? must be someone call wrong number voting for someone else then keep calling calling skali is vote for hui ge *grumble grumble*