Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Testing Testing 123

since sunday i had been feeling v nervous... went for my last lesson... so nervous and panicked until mounted kerb (i never mounted berk before) + suddenly could not zhioop in zhioop out // park >.<|||

the test was yesterday afternoon 3:45 warm-up at 2:40... at around 1 i kancheong until lao sai >.< anw i was v kiasu reached ubi at 145 then zzz... in the air con room... 2:30 warm-up instructor called my name, went for warm-up too nervous had to redo vertical parking >.< then saw some girls also come test, wear shorts -.- tsk tsk tsk...

so the 20+ of us sat in the room and the testers who tio our names came and called us one by one... one by one followed tester out then left only 3 people... i was like... sheesh... how come i first to come not yet call me??? then finally, an old (the testers usually v old one) soft-spoken man called my name... i bolted out of my seat...

me: good afternoon, sir + *bow*

went to my car, check everything, put seatbelt, signal, release andbrake and foot brake... READY TO GO!!!

-_________-||| car didn't move...

me: >.< pull handbrake and release again

car still didn't move...

me: *cry out to God* oh no God, pls don't let me fail without even doing the test!!! AAHHHH!!!! what's happening????

try again, step and release footbrake... car still there...

*want to cry + sweat blood*

tester: the car is parked on a lower spot so you need to step accelerator then will move...
me: oh *so desu ne!* thank you


everything went pretty smoothly in the circuit! PTL! and he didn't test me E brake so i didn't scream!!! yay!!! but nowadays the testers use tablet PC neh! wa! teknologi! so everytime u do something stupid they will tok tok tok their tablet PC... haha

finished circuit went out....

tester: in front turn right...

after a while

tester: tester: in front turn right... anyone in your family drives?
me: er ya, my husband, my brother and my father-in-law
tester: in front turn right again... ya then go back driving centre
me: ???? *what? like that? no 5-lane road from left lane zhioop to right lane? no u turn? no funny lane roads? die le la.... sheesh... *

at the debrief...

tester: your circuit quite good.... your points v good
me: oh... erm... so did i pass?
tester: -.- if you didn't pass i will bring you go round and round already! i only did 10% of your test route =)
me: =DDDD thank you
tester: that's why i asked whether u got family members who drive. since your husband drives, i will leave it to him to take care of you =)
me: !!! (tester doesn't know chris) =) ok, thanks. hehehe....
tester: let me go through with you your weaknesses
me: *ALL EARS*
tester: kee lee koo loo kee lee koo loo
me: yes, i will take note + nod head

after exiting the room WA!!!!! SMS ah SMS ah! tell whole world i passed!!!!