Sunday, 31 May 2009

Travelling Light?

Chris always feels I pack too much... he'd roll eyeballs when he sees me pack my luggage. he takes about 5 mins to pack his luggage while i take an average of 1 week =P i usually start with a standard list and add or delete items according to the destination. some of the things i bring are:

travel iron: eh... this one's useful k... cos you may not be able to get the iron every time n i don't like wearing crumpled clothes (even on holiday) so i'd bring my small travel iron.

u-shaped bean bag neck pillow: this one's v good, v comfortable on the plane.

disposable slippers: i take these from hotels =P and wear them on the plane.

first aid kit consisting of panadol, po chai pills, lozenges, gastric pills, plaster, medicated oil and sewing kit...

i got pack too much meh?

Saturday, 30 May 2009



ah yo, so super gross la... sunning pillows on a public bench. i always see many sweaty teenage boys sitting there and they'd sit with one foot up on the bench...and eat all sorts of junk food =P so dirty!

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Chinese: 0/100 =(((((

this evening over dinner...

me: AH! we're supposed to eat Ba Zhang (rice dumplings) today!!!!
chris: is it?
me: YAH! today is the 5th day of the 5th lunar month!!! it's Duan1 Wu3 Jie2 (Dragon boat festival)!!!
chris: er dear... we don't HAVE to eat it today...
me: AHH!! must!! it's like mooncake fest must eat mooncake, winter solstice must eat tang1 yuan2 (glutinous rice balls) like that! i'm v traditional one!
chris: er... ok...
me: must remember qu1 yuan2!!! and that stupid qin2 hui4!
chris: .................????!!!!
me: what?
chris: er dear, what has qin2 hui4 got to do with qu1 yuan2?
me: he and his wife betrayed qu1 yuan4!!! that's why qu1 yuan2 jumped into the river!!! then people fry you2 tiao2 say it's qin2 hui4 and his wife!
chris: O.O
me: what?
chris: shocking... your (lack of) knowledge of chinese stories is just shocking...
me: ha?
chris: dear, *exasperated look* qin2 hui4 betrayed YUE4 FEI1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TWO different people!!!!!!
me: oh? hehehe =P
chris: june go for chinese tuition with my mum ha!
me: =(((

yue4 fei1 is the guy who kena tattoo-ed by his mother on his back la... golly, i mixed up =P

For those whose Chinese is as good as mine, you may read the stories from wiki below... sighs... and i have actually been to the Yue Fei mausoleum in Hangzhou China a couple of years ago and even wanted to spit at the iron statues... (chris stopped me) =PPP chris feels v disappointed that i forgot all that he taught me that time... the story and the poem (think it's the "whole river red" poem =P)... haiz...

Qu Yuan
The best-known traditional story holds that the festival commemorates the death of poet Qu Yuan (c. 340 BC - 278 BC) of the ancient state of Chu, in the Warring States Period of the Zhou Dynasty.[4] A descendant of the Chu royal house, Qu served in high offices. However, when the king decided to ally with the increasingly powerful state of Qin, Qu was banished for opposing the alliance. Qu Yuan was accused of treason.[4] During his exile, Qu Yuan wrote a great deal of poetry, for which he is now remembered. Twenty-eight years later, Qin conquered the Chu capital. In despair, Qu Yuan committed suicide by drowning himself in the Miluo River on the fifth day of the fifth month.
It is said that the local people, who admired him, threw food into the river to feed the fish so that they would not eat Qu Yuan's body.[4] This is said to be the origin of zongzi. The local people were also said to have paddled out on boats, either to scare the fish away or to retrieve his body. This is said to be the origin of dragon boat racing.

Yue Fei
The Story of Yue Fei states after having Yue Fei, Yue Yun, Zhang Xian arrested under false charges, Qin and his wife, Lady Wang (王氏), were sitting by the "eastern window", warming themselves by the fire, when he received a letter from the people calling for the release of the General. Qin was worried because after nearly two months of torture, he could not get Yue Fei to admit to false treason and would eventually have to let him go. However, after a servant girl brought fresh oranges into the room, Lady Wang devised a plan to execute the general. She told Qin to slip an execution notice inside the skin of an orange and send it to the examining judge. This way, the General and his companions would be put to death before the Emperor or Qin himself would have to rescind an open order of execution.[6] This conspiracy became known as the "East-Window Plot".[42] An anonymous novel was written about this called the Dong Chuang Ji ("Tale of the Eastern Window") during the Ming Dynasty.[43]
When asked by General Han Shizhong what crime Yue had committed, Qin Hui replied, "Though it isn't sure whether there is something that he did to betray the dynasty, maybe there is." The phrase "perhaps there is" or "could be true" (traditional Chinese: 莫須有; simplified Chinese: 莫须有; pinyin: mò xū yǒu) has entered the Chinese language as an expression to refer to fabricated charges.[44] For their part in Yue Fei's death, iron statues of Qin Hui, Lady Wang, and two of Qin Hui's subordinates, Moqi Xie (万俟軼) and Zhang Jun (張俊), were made to kneel before Yue Fei's tomb (located by Hangzhou's West Lake). For centuries, these statues have been cursed, spat and urinated upon by young and old. The original castings in bronze were damaged, but later were replaced by images cast in iron, but these were similarly damaged.But now, in modern times, these statues are protected as historical relics.[45]

Double U, Not Dub Dew

Talking about BMW, i have a friend who told me he has a friend who insisted that the correct way to pronounce W is "dub dew" and they got into an argument... LOL well, it's just "double u" but you say it super fast "double u double u double u" so how can it possibly end up as "dub dew"???? LOL

imagine you drive a beemer... and someone asks you...

someone: eh bro, what car you drive?
you: *proudly* BM dub dew...

-.- diao

Wednesday, 27 May 2009


we were talking about the trip...

me: eh dear, since we're driving there right, we should rent a BMW!! =DDDDDD
chris: -.- no dear, try not to be too flashy, just drive a jap car
me: but but but... BMW to them is like proton to malaysia truly asia and honda to japan! it's manufactured locally! so if we don't don't want to stick out like a sore thumb, we should soooooo drive BMW!!! besides it's gonna be my ONLY chance to drive BMW =((((((((((
chris: you can go drive your boss car what...
me: -.- for all you know, the taxis there are BMW too!
chris: sigh... see how la... but we're NOT getting the Z4 -.-
me: =(

drive on autobahn but not in a sports car -.- is like playing DOTA on a super slow PC or going shopping before pay day, so unshiok one... i heard autobahn have no upper bound for speed one neh and the population mean speed is i think 140 =P

Tuesday, 26 May 2009


My friend CY wrote about toilet privacy and it kinda reminded me of west and claire. you see, we put two litter boxes in their enclosure and have always thought they share toilets until recently when we discovered they might have marked their own boxes. how do we know? well, chris realised that when he switches the boxes around after cleaning, west would use the one according to which position it's in!!!

we also put a litter box in the sitting room when they come out to play (eh, it's like when we go out we also use public toilet ma). it appeared that only west used it... claire, the not so adventurous one, will still hop back to the enclosure and use her home toilet (like how some people can only poop at home... same logic) but lately, i think she also started using the outside toilet and we found that there's always a cluster of poop inside and a neat cluster outside... it puzzled us for a while... how can our toilet-trained bunnies poop OUTSIDE the toilet??? we're not talking about the occasional misfire or "can't get to the toilet in time" droplets, we're talking about a neat cluster like someone squat there and pooped! so i decided to get another litter box and place it beside the existing one and voila!! problem solved! no more one pile inside one pile outside!!!

so, they insist on using their own toilet!!! west refuses to share! *slap forehead* i don't believe this...

Monday, 25 May 2009


in German means "Attention!" or "Caution!"

I think photography should come with a caution...

Caution: Will burn a hole in your pocket


Caution: Expensive lenses may cause physical injuries

yeah... on wed i was carrying the 24-70 f/2.8L lens shooting a sports event. it's much heavier than the ones i usually use but it's not the heaviest (such as 70-200 f/2.8L =P and i don't even want to think about those BIG BIG TUA TUA LIAP ones photographers use to shoot F1) well, it's about 1.55 kg (to 3 s.f.) but lugging it around for 4 hours straight and carrying it home together with my other barang barang and two other lenses really strained my back. i thought it was ok but then sun i went to shoot event again. this time i didn't use 24-70 but i still carried loads of stuff there which i put in a luggage bag and dragged there... cos i already felt the pain...

so i strained a big muscle between my neck and right arm-pit and it got so bad that now i can't check my blindspots (so can't drive), can only sleep on my back can't sleep on side. on sat and sun night, i'd go to sleep on my back then when i'm asleep i forget and start to turn then the pain will jolt me up then i lie on my back again and go to sleep again and the whole thing repeated itself a few times >.< now i can't wear seatbelt without turning body to grab it... =( pang sai that time want to take toilet paper also must shift butt turn body to take =(

doc gave me MC says i need to rest cannot carry heavy things for a few days... =(

Giam Kah Nah

Giam Kah Nah in hokkien means "salty olive" usually used to describe a very frugal person but with a little negative connotation (to the point of stingy) that time CY shortlisted the name "Ganah" (can't rmb spelling la) for his daughter I strongly advised him against it LOL

that day outside central@clarke quay, i saw a line of about 3-4 cars waiting for donno what...

me: ah yo, dear, why r these people here???
chris: see see see!!! these are the idiots who wait to enter ERP LATER so as to save 50 CENTS!!!
me: ha? ah yo... so wu liao...
chris: i'm sure some of your giam kah nah colleagues are like that!
me: no dear, my colleagues are not giam kah nah people...

then in the office over lunch i told them what chris said... got one colleague (i won't say who, need to protect her identity)

Colleague: LOL... that day we wanted to go plaza sing... the parking is first hour free and after 5pm is flat rate mah, so we tried to reach there around 4...
me: k..?
Colleague: but we were early so *giggle* we waited outside cathay there... until almost 4
me: -_________________-||| chris was right!
Colleague: LOL then got once S. wanted to cheong pass the gantry before 6pm (cos 6:01 the rate is more expensive mah) but the stupid car in front was too slow he passed it at 6:01!!!!
me: ...

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Women and Math

G put this on her blog and i love it LOL!!!

but CC and I are not like that k? we know how to solve that k LOL

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Ich Spreche Nicht Gut Deutsch

means "I speak no good German" in German

haha... i was revising my German over the weekend and I found this essay dated 16 Sep 1996. golly! that's like 13 years ago! haha, i was in pembry 6 only... haha... see the test paper, so cute. the title of the essay is "My Teacher/Lecturer" and she gave me an 18.5 upon 24. i tried to read it but i couldn't understand half of what i wrote!!! GAH! haha...

Friday, 22 May 2009

My Favourite Comic Strip

I love calvin and hobbes comic strips and can totally sit and read one whole book at one go. it's how sometimes you can really relate to Calvin...

and how hobbes always has a totally ridiculous but convincing-sounding answer to calvin's questions...

for those who find Math complex...

for those who find English grammar a pain

for parents, here's a creative answer you can try LOL

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Inversely Proportional

we're planning a trip (not to japan la, got H1N1 neh... LOL) and chris knowing i'll be a paparazzi warned in the car...

chris: dear. go there cannot shoot shoot shoot ha! each day can only shoot.... 20 photos la
me: >.> -.-
chris: ah k la! settled, each day can only shoot 20 ^^
me: -.- the number of photos i shoot is inversely proportional to the amount i spend shopping... it's v logical... when i'm shopping, i'll be too engrossed to shoot. so, since i'm v democratic, i give you a choice: shoot or shop?
chris: O.O||| oh er... hehe dear, take more photos la! hehe ^^'''
me: ^^

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

4!/2! = 12

first let me explain the title

for positive integer n, n! = 1x2x3x...xn e.g. 3! = 1x2x3 = 6

although my mum never did excel academically, i bet she was at least good at Math, in particular, permutations involving 4 digits, with or without repetition.

recently she called me (which is rare ever since i set up the monthly auto funds transfer to her account... she used to call me EVERY month, "coincidentally" near pay day -.-||| sadz.... sighs... )

tru tru tru....

mum: girl ah, ler gai seng chia number gwee hor? (girl ah, what's your new car plate number?)
me: *roll eye balls* er.. XYZZ
mum: HA??? ah ya, wa sior ta si ZYXX!!! ah ya... (HA??? i thought it's ZYXX!!! ah ya...
me: er... ler ai boi 4D -.- (er... you want to buy 4D)
mum: ah ya! uncle dah salah! (ah ya, uncle say wrongly!)


and i bet she will buy all 4!/2! = 12 permutations of that number -___________-|||

i always tell her if she saved that money, she'd probably end up with more... i shudder to think what will happen when the IRs come up... it's really difficult trying to explain Gambler's Ruin problem to mum >.< i'll just have to pray for her...

Tuesday, 19 May 2009


wa, when i found out the korean version of meteor garden is airing on channel U i was quite excited and last sat, i sat through the first episode enthralled by the grandeur (and handsome guys) LOL

well, when the taiwanese version first came out a couple of years ago, i was so crazy over it and LOVED F4 so much that I bought their CD and karaoke CD (yes! =P) even though they can't sing and went for their concert *slap forehead* yes, don't laugh, i went for F4 concert and no, i didn't cruelly drag chris along to be tortured. in fact, chris was so smart he bought me ONE ticket for my birthday and encouraged me to go with a gf (so he could have a game with his buddies -.-) so i went with a gf who was equally crazy and we screamed the night away. LOL now when i think of it, i feel embarassed... the things you do when you're young(er)... but at least that's better than my colleague (i won't say who she is la) who queued up for the F4 "handshaking" session. she said it's worse than q-ing up for the DBSS (oops, slip of the tongue, i mean, finger)

the taiwanese meteor garden had a poster with the female lead sitting down with the four guys gazing at the stars (see bottom left of poster) and i did a pen sketch of melody with her siblings in a similar posture LOL

here they are, front view (except for speedy the tortoise on the far left whose front view is just green). ollie marmot (far right) is wearing a different outfit now cos i made him a yukata from some leftover scraps. i drew him in his original suzy's zoo outfit.


Monday, 18 May 2009


my beautician was telling me that when she used to drive, her husband would nag nad nag and nag and it made her so fed up that one day she just decided to stop driving altogether. she hasn't been driving for so long that she has lost all confidence but recently her husband is trying to coax her to start driving again... haha...

today we were at meida-ya and it was so super crowded that i was so stressed while parking so i hit the side curb a little and chris got v impatient started nagging at me (he usually doesn't when i drive but will give comments when i park)

chris: stop!!! go front!
me: >.<|||
chris: don't you look in the mirror??!!
me: i do i do!!! but i didn't see that thing!! it's so obsure! how come got curb here one???
chris: you didn't look at the mirror!
me: don't stress me!
chris: *breathe out fumes*

after we got out

me: i don't want to drive already *hand him car key*
chris: *ignore*
chris: *ignore*
me: you don't want the key is it? i throw away ha!
chris: *ignore*
me: *sees a fire hose reel box* you don't want the key i put it here ha
chris: k lor, let people steal our car
me: you yak yak yak so much when i'm parking make me so stressed. i don't want to drive anymore!
chris: you are v bad tempered
me: I DON'T WANT TO DRIVE ANYMORE!!!!!! ROARRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!! I'll throw the key away!!!! *pretend to throw it up at some ledge*
chris: *continue walking ignore me*
me: u ignore me
chris: *ignore*
me: *pretend to throw key into dustbin at the lift*
chris: *ignore*
me: my beautician said her husband kept nagging until one day she just decided NEVER to drive anymore. now he is trying to coax her back into driving...
chris: -.-||| sigh okok...

so when we reached home n i was trying to park, although i made some mistakes, chris kept quiet didn't dare to make noise


ann 1
chris 0

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Sauna on the Go

-.-||| i didn't realise that whenever i drive, chris turns the air con on and off so when i drove alone, i didn't switch on the air con but didn't realise it and was sweating like a pig in the car after 5 mins. i ran my fingers across the air con vents and felt wind so i thought it was on but actually it was not =P

me: wa biang dear, donno why the car is so stuffy neh =P
chris: er... did u switch on the air con?
me: ha? need to switch on meh? i thought it's automatic???
chris: erm... no... i always switch it off then switch it on again -.- you mean u drove without air con?
me: ya! and i was wondering why so super hot and stuffy!!!
chris: -_________-|||

Saturday, 16 May 2009

The Wedding

Wa, fann wong n chris lee FINALLY got married in a low profile ROM ceremony. fann wong wore a simple gown and chris lee looked like he woke up late, forgot to shave and forgot to tie his bow tie.

sighs, i was hoping for vast media coverage a la princess and prince wedding with super elaborate wedding gown (train at least 10 m long kind) but didn't have neh =P

Best Investment

Chris feels that the best investment he has made is the money he paid for my driving lessons because now, every morning and weekend he doesn't need to drive so can just sit in the passenger seat and rest =P

this morning i drove to compasspoint alone to ta pao ya kun breakfast for him =) although the $2k brought no monetary return, it sure gave him loads of intangible pleasure =D

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Oxbow Bungalow =)

some time ago i blogged about the oxbow tunnel and bungalow that west and claire are eyeing and we finally found it in a store in singapore (great world city) =D it's made from 100% timothy hay so you can be assured that it's harmless if your bunny starts digging, shredding, tugging, chewing to tear the house down... ^^ we got the bungalow.


here's claire resting inside ^^

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Sisley Facial (5*)

Remember I bought loads of stuff from sisley and got a free 60 mins facial worth $150?

well, that day i went and boy was it great! i feel it's such value for money because for $150, you get a very good facial using ONLY sisley products. i chose the custom-made facial. before the facial commenced, the girl explained patiently which product will be used and she was very skilful, gentle and attentive. the massage which reached the toes (yes, first time i do facial got massage until toes one... the sothy's at paragon and palais renaissance one has a foot soak though, while you're lying down... ) was so good that i dozed off despite the light noise outside (it's done in a cabin at the taka sisley counter).

after the facial, the salesgirl will do a light touch-up for you using sisley make-up range.

worth a try but you may want to go to windsor house which is quieter.

also worth a try is institut clarins at wheelock. good quality products and great service plus a range of juices and teas before treatment in the lounge and a whole range of clarins make-up products free for use afterwards. they also serve prunes and drinks after. individual rooms and you can bring your own CD.

Monday, 11 May 2009

Bad Move

i really cannot tahan compasspoint cold storage's new look. it underwent some reno and when we went there on thu night, we were stunned. grocery shopping for me is therapeutic so i like to push my trolley here and there and check out what to buy. somehow the "feel" in the compasspoint cold storage is just not right. i can't put a finger to what's wrong exactly but chris commented...

chris: wa lao, did they get their interior designer from NTUC or Giant?

think the lights are too bright and cool (a slightly warmer light creates a totally different feel), the shelves are too no frills and open and some of the aisles are too narrow. the display just doesn't look appealing. so we chop chop grabbed whatever we needed n zhiooped out.

haiz... gek sim.

Sunday, 10 May 2009

This World Only Mummy Good

[to the tune of shi shang zhi you ma ma hao]
This world only mummy good
If you've got mummy you've got food
Deep in mummy's warm embrace
Happiness always

last week i called my mummy

me: mee ah, sunday ker jiak lunch mai? (sunday go eat lunch?)
mum: mai mai mai! (don't want x 3)
me: ha?
mum: ler yi nang lai wa zhi curry jiak! (you all come i cook curry for you to eat)
me: ah yo, mothers' day ler hwa ai zhi (mothers' day you still want to cook!)
mum: chook ker jiak zeng gui! (go out eat v expensive)
me: ah yo, jek ni jek bai la! (ah yo, once a year la)
mum: mai mai mai! mai buay present hor! (don't want x 3. don't buy present hor!)
me: orh... ang bao ai mai? (orh... red packet want anot?)
mum: mai mai! ha?... ang bao ah? ai ai! (don't want don't want... ha? red packet?? want want!!)


my mummy's language of love (there are 5 languages of love: time, deeds, words, gifts, touch) is defintely $$$ LOL and my kor n i will usually confer to standardise how much to give her. otherwise if one gives more than the other, she will think one of her children love her less -.-|||

anw, wishing all my girlfriends who are mummies (or mummies-to-be) a Blessed Mothers' Day =D

Friday, 8 May 2009

o.O??? Sing Her?

Today we were talking where to bring our mums for mothers' day dinner...

me: wa, that time we brought my mother-in-law to Lei garden Chijmes for 60th bday dinner it costed $2000 for TWO tables!!!
vs: O.O *stunned*
me: ya lor, we got a private room cos my father-in-law wanted to sing hymns.
CC: HER! sing HER!
me: ha? HYMNS!!! H-Y-M-N-S hymns!
CC: orh... i thought sing her a song.

*slap forehead*

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Product Review: Neutrogena Fine Fairness Peel Mask (3.5*)

This mask comes in a box of 5 tubes (each time use one tube) for about $35 (can't rmb la). I use it in the shower too (yeah... I'm v busy when showering. got a ,ot of things to do LOL) and the skin will instantly feel smoother and softer. the peeling effect works but my face didn't instantly become more radiant. so the "fine fairness" part didn't deliver.

but then again, at $35 per box, don't expect miracle la. u want miracle u can go n use La Mer or La Prairie k... chris says like that might as well tiak $50 notes on your face. i say like that confirm get pimples er. u know how dirty money is right??

a convenient mask because it's exfoliation + mask in one step.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Bully Me Bully Me!!!

sighs... whenever i drive our car, people will bully me... they won't let me cut and they keep cutting me...

me: *sulk* people keep bullying me!
chris: haha... dear, beetle + P plate + woman screams "bully me! bully me!" LOL
me: -.- so horrible one people...

Tuesday, 5 May 2009


*sobs* =((( last night i had a nightmare =((( i dreamt that i was a character in a video game, like those super mario brothers kind. in my dream, everyday i wake up i will walk left walk right pick mushroom etc... then when game over i will go to some container (like those in keppel) to sleep standing up. i had no control over my movements... i will just feel my legs move and my hands move =( and some of my colleagues are in there too =(

but heng ah, it's quite a cute game, not the type that chris plays (there'll be lots of bloodshed) and the person who plays me is not hardcore play non-stop kind...

but what a weird dream...

Product Review: Fancl's Skin Renewal Pack (4*)

When I used this mask for the first time in the shower (after exfoliation), my skin felt very soft and smooth after rinsing so now I use it about once a week (I've got other masks ma... whitening, deep cleansing, revitalising... some in tubes some in pots some in paper =P) especially after I'm done at the gym and steamroom.

It's so convenient. wash hair, wash face n neck, scrub face n neck, dab dry then apply mask all over face n neck. wash body then rinse off all =)

$29.50 for a 25g tube (expires 60 days after opening)

Monday, 4 May 2009

Atsui Desu

Atsui in japanese means "hot" as in weather is hot. =P the weather these days is scorching hot so driving is such a pain because you're stretching out your two arms to be tanned like dried fish in the sun. so i got these UV guard gloves. they're a hit in japan and taiwan where staying fair is a national obsession. japanese kawaii girls zipping around in their kawaii mitsubishis use them. taiwanese mei mei who cycle or ride on scooters use them.

at least now i won't get tanned arms ^^

$25.90 per pair from Takashimaya Level 3 (the stockings and hat section)

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Movie Review: X Men Origins: Wolverine (5*)

ZHING!!! *eject adamantium blades from right knuckles, eject adamantium blades from left knuckles, blades on left knuckles brush against blades on right knuckles, sparks fly... then accidentally cut wash basin in half... oops, pai seh!*

=D i enjoyed this movie and it's not just because hugh jackman (with his sideburns and hot bod) was in it. the story of wolverine's sad past was told cohesively and coherently. i hate chronologically mixed-up shows cos i get v confused, one of the reasons why i gave up watching heroes -.- and not to mention, i felt the effects in wolverine were great. wolverine was awesome man... he not just can cut wash basin in half, he can cut helicopter blades la, cut cages la... is there anything he can't cut? and of course he is indestructible (like sylar in heroes) except he is a good guy =D

worth a mention is agent zero's opening scene... this asian guy is an expert sharp shooter and that scene was really cool... better than chow yun fatt in "a better tomorrow" LOL after that though, he was a bit CMI liao... kena kababom-ed by wolverine LOL

k la, don't want to say too much...

next show i wanna rent is "17 again"... cos zac efron looks delicious in it =P

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Starry Starry Day

today we were at great world city (went to catch wolverine) and guess who we met? we were at the basement waiting for the lift and there was this couple in front... we saw their backview. sexy girl (she wore until v low cut, skirt v short) lovey-dovey with her (i presume) ang mo boyfriend and he smooched her... i was thinking... haiz, these sarong party girls... tsk tsk tsk... then in the lift, got mirror ma, so i beo to see if she is chio anot (ah ya, see sexy girl's back view must check out front ma... cos sometimes backview jin chio front view eeyoh LOL) and it turned out, she is v chio cos she is JAMIE YEO... hm... she divorced glenn liao... glenn went with jean danker...haiz... these entertainment circle people... tsk tsk tsk...

then in church, seated behind us was the CEO of mediacorp... how did i know it was him? ah ya, recently just had star awards ma. he presented a prize and how many people r there in singapore with a whole head of black hair except that thick white tuft as fringe? kekeke...

My Colleague From Mount Ermei

we were having a nice buffet dinner at trader's hotel and at the end of it, sexy KG asked...

KG: i'm ordering tea, does anyone want tea or coffee?
TF: got milo?
CC and me: o.O???!!
KG: O.o???!!! ha???

waiter comes...

KG: can i get an earl grey tea and a... erm... *giggle + cup hands over mouth* erm... *point to TF* do you want to order?
TF: =D
KG: erm... and a *suppress hysterical laughter* erm... it's ok...
waiter: o.O???

KG: i don't dare to order!!!

cos hor, where got people go to nice restaurant in nice hotel and order MILO???? -.-|||

me: i would have ordered it with a posh accent *speak like simon cowell* "could i have a milo please?" and if they don't have, act surprised and ask to see the manager! LOL
JT: order tak kui! LOL
me: ya, should have asked for milo kao, buah sio leng, siu dai! LOL (milo concentrated, lukewarm, less sweet)

then innocent HY came over to kay poh at our table...

JT: eh HY, the kopi o here is nice. you order la!
me: ya, the teh si v nice too. order la
HY: ha? isit? =D

-.- he actually believed us...

Friday, 1 May 2009


wa, we had a dept dinner outing this evening and my colleague V let me drive his honda integra! woot! CC was supposed to sit in our car too but she last min backed out *grumble grumble* V even dug out his old P plate and stuck it on the windshield hahaha...

i must say the integra is nice to drive... the acceleration is so fast n so sensitive... step a bit it will go RRRRNNNNNNGGGGG!!!! hahah.... got one red honda integra came beside me and RRRNNNGGGG!!!! v loudly...

V: you can do that too =)
me: oh?
V: ya. step la ^^
me: *step* RRRRNNNNNGGGGG! wow! nice =DDD

what an experience... =DD

my colleagues all think V is v brave to let me drive his car... -.- why don't they think I am v brave to drive his integra???? -.-


urgh... just had dept dinner buffet... bosses treat... ate a lot a lot of prawns. herbal prawns, cold prawns, grilled prawns. also ate sashimi, lobster, chicken lamian, dumplings, roast duck, fried garoupa, sausage, chicken wing, choc mousse, mango mousse, almond jelly, blackcurrant mousse, choc tart, choc fondue, waffle + choc ice cream...

urgghh... v full...

will blog more about this tmr.