Monday, 25 May 2009


in German means "Attention!" or "Caution!"

I think photography should come with a caution...

Caution: Will burn a hole in your pocket


Caution: Expensive lenses may cause physical injuries

yeah... on wed i was carrying the 24-70 f/2.8L lens shooting a sports event. it's much heavier than the ones i usually use but it's not the heaviest (such as 70-200 f/2.8L =P and i don't even want to think about those BIG BIG TUA TUA LIAP ones photographers use to shoot F1) well, it's about 1.55 kg (to 3 s.f.) but lugging it around for 4 hours straight and carrying it home together with my other barang barang and two other lenses really strained my back. i thought it was ok but then sun i went to shoot event again. this time i didn't use 24-70 but i still carried loads of stuff there which i put in a luggage bag and dragged there... cos i already felt the pain...

so i strained a big muscle between my neck and right arm-pit and it got so bad that now i can't check my blindspots (so can't drive), can only sleep on my back can't sleep on side. on sat and sun night, i'd go to sleep on my back then when i'm asleep i forget and start to turn then the pain will jolt me up then i lie on my back again and go to sleep again and the whole thing repeated itself a few times >.< now i can't wear seatbelt without turning body to grab it... =( pang sai that time want to take toilet paper also must shift butt turn body to take =(

doc gave me MC says i need to rest cannot carry heavy things for a few days... =(