Wednesday, 27 May 2009


we were talking about the trip...

me: eh dear, since we're driving there right, we should rent a BMW!! =DDDDDD
chris: -.- no dear, try not to be too flashy, just drive a jap car
me: but but but... BMW to them is like proton to malaysia truly asia and honda to japan! it's manufactured locally! so if we don't don't want to stick out like a sore thumb, we should soooooo drive BMW!!! besides it's gonna be my ONLY chance to drive BMW =((((((((((
chris: you can go drive your boss car what...
me: -.- for all you know, the taxis there are BMW too!
chris: sigh... see how la... but we're NOT getting the Z4 -.-
me: =(

drive on autobahn but not in a sports car -.- is like playing DOTA on a super slow PC or going shopping before pay day, so unshiok one... i heard autobahn have no upper bound for speed one neh and the population mean speed is i think 140 =P