Tuesday, 19 May 2009


wa, when i found out the korean version of meteor garden is airing on channel U i was quite excited and last sat, i sat through the first episode enthralled by the grandeur (and handsome guys) LOL

well, when the taiwanese version first came out a couple of years ago, i was so crazy over it and LOVED F4 so much that I bought their CD and karaoke CD (yes! =P) even though they can't sing and went for their concert *slap forehead* yes, don't laugh, i went for F4 concert and no, i didn't cruelly drag chris along to be tortured. in fact, chris was so smart he bought me ONE ticket for my birthday and encouraged me to go with a gf (so he could have a game with his buddies -.-) so i went with a gf who was equally crazy and we screamed the night away. LOL now when i think of it, i feel embarassed... the things you do when you're young(er)... but at least that's better than my colleague (i won't say who she is la) who queued up for the F4 "handshaking" session. she said it's worse than q-ing up for the DBSS (oops, slip of the tongue, i mean, finger)

the taiwanese meteor garden had a poster with the female lead sitting down with the four guys gazing at the stars (see bottom left of poster) and i did a pen sketch of melody with her siblings in a similar posture LOL

here they are, front view (except for speedy the tortoise on the far left whose front view is just green). ollie marmot (far right) is wearing a different outfit now cos i made him a yukata from some leftover scraps. i drew him in his original suzy's zoo outfit.