Friday, 1 May 2009


wa, we had a dept dinner outing this evening and my colleague V let me drive his honda integra! woot! CC was supposed to sit in our car too but she last min backed out *grumble grumble* V even dug out his old P plate and stuck it on the windshield hahaha...

i must say the integra is nice to drive... the acceleration is so fast n so sensitive... step a bit it will go RRRRNNNNNNGGGGG!!!! hahah.... got one red honda integra came beside me and RRRNNNGGGG!!!! v loudly...

V: you can do that too =)
me: oh?
V: ya. step la ^^
me: *step* RRRRNNNNNGGGGG! wow! nice =DDD

what an experience... =DD

my colleagues all think V is v brave to let me drive his car... -.- why don't they think I am v brave to drive his integra???? -.-