Sunday, 3 May 2009

Movie Review: X Men Origins: Wolverine (5*)

ZHING!!! *eject adamantium blades from right knuckles, eject adamantium blades from left knuckles, blades on left knuckles brush against blades on right knuckles, sparks fly... then accidentally cut wash basin in half... oops, pai seh!*

=D i enjoyed this movie and it's not just because hugh jackman (with his sideburns and hot bod) was in it. the story of wolverine's sad past was told cohesively and coherently. i hate chronologically mixed-up shows cos i get v confused, one of the reasons why i gave up watching heroes -.- and not to mention, i felt the effects in wolverine were great. wolverine was awesome man... he not just can cut wash basin in half, he can cut helicopter blades la, cut cages la... is there anything he can't cut? and of course he is indestructible (like sylar in heroes) except he is a good guy =D

worth a mention is agent zero's opening scene... this asian guy is an expert sharp shooter and that scene was really cool... better than chow yun fatt in "a better tomorrow" LOL after that though, he was a bit CMI liao... kena kababom-ed by wolverine LOL

k la, don't want to say too much...

next show i wanna rent is "17 again"... cos zac efron looks delicious in it =P