Saturday, 2 May 2009

My Colleague From Mount Ermei

we were having a nice buffet dinner at trader's hotel and at the end of it, sexy KG asked...

KG: i'm ordering tea, does anyone want tea or coffee?
TF: got milo?
CC and me: o.O???!!
KG: O.o???!!! ha???

waiter comes...

KG: can i get an earl grey tea and a... erm... *giggle + cup hands over mouth* erm... *point to TF* do you want to order?
TF: =D
KG: erm... and a *suppress hysterical laughter* erm... it's ok...
waiter: o.O???

KG: i don't dare to order!!!

cos hor, where got people go to nice restaurant in nice hotel and order MILO???? -.-|||

me: i would have ordered it with a posh accent *speak like simon cowell* "could i have a milo please?" and if they don't have, act surprised and ask to see the manager! LOL
JT: order tak kui! LOL
me: ya, should have asked for milo kao, buah sio leng, siu dai! LOL (milo concentrated, lukewarm, less sweet)

then innocent HY came over to kay poh at our table...

JT: eh HY, the kopi o here is nice. you order la!
me: ya, the teh si v nice too. order la
HY: ha? isit? =D

-.- he actually believed us...