Tuesday, 26 May 2009


My friend CY wrote about toilet privacy and it kinda reminded me of west and claire. you see, we put two litter boxes in their enclosure and have always thought they share toilets until recently when we discovered they might have marked their own boxes. how do we know? well, chris realised that when he switches the boxes around after cleaning, west would use the one according to which position it's in!!!

we also put a litter box in the sitting room when they come out to play (eh, it's like when we go out we also use public toilet ma). it appeared that only west used it... claire, the not so adventurous one, will still hop back to the enclosure and use her home toilet (like how some people can only poop at home... same logic) but lately, i think she also started using the outside toilet and we found that there's always a cluster of poop inside and a neat cluster outside... it puzzled us for a while... how can our toilet-trained bunnies poop OUTSIDE the toilet??? we're not talking about the occasional misfire or "can't get to the toilet in time" droplets, we're talking about a neat cluster like someone squat there and pooped! so i decided to get another litter box and place it beside the existing one and voila!! problem solved! no more one pile inside one pile outside!!!

so, they insist on using their own toilet!!! west refuses to share! *slap forehead* i don't believe this...