Thursday, 7 May 2009

Product Review: Neutrogena Fine Fairness Peel Mask (3.5*)

This mask comes in a box of 5 tubes (each time use one tube) for about $35 (can't rmb la). I use it in the shower too (yeah... I'm v busy when showering. got a ,ot of things to do LOL) and the skin will instantly feel smoother and softer. the peeling effect works but my face didn't instantly become more radiant. so the "fine fairness" part didn't deliver.

but then again, at $35 per box, don't expect miracle la. u want miracle u can go n use La Mer or La Prairie k... chris says like that might as well tiak $50 notes on your face. i say like that confirm get pimples er. u know how dirty money is right??

a convenient mask because it's exfoliation + mask in one step.