Sunday, 17 May 2009

Sauna on the Go

-.-||| i didn't realise that whenever i drive, chris turns the air con on and off so when i drove alone, i didn't switch on the air con but didn't realise it and was sweating like a pig in the car after 5 mins. i ran my fingers across the air con vents and felt wind so i thought it was on but actually it was not =P

me: wa biang dear, donno why the car is so stuffy neh =P
chris: er... did u switch on the air con?
me: ha? need to switch on meh? i thought it's automatic???
chris: erm... no... i always switch it off then switch it on again -.- you mean u drove without air con?
me: ya! and i was wondering why so super hot and stuffy!!!
chris: -_________-|||