Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Sisley Facial (5*)

Remember I bought loads of stuff from sisley and got a free 60 mins facial worth $150?

well, that day i went and boy was it great! i feel it's such value for money because for $150, you get a very good facial using ONLY sisley products. i chose the custom-made facial. before the facial commenced, the girl explained patiently which product will be used and she was very skilful, gentle and attentive. the massage which reached the toes (yes, first time i do facial got massage until toes one... the sothy's at paragon and palais renaissance one has a foot soak though, while you're lying down... ) was so good that i dozed off despite the light noise outside (it's done in a cabin at the taka sisley counter).

after the facial, the salesgirl will do a light touch-up for you using sisley make-up range.

worth a try but you may want to go to windsor house which is quieter.

also worth a try is institut clarins at wheelock. good quality products and great service plus a range of juices and teas before treatment in the lounge and a whole range of clarins make-up products free for use afterwards. they also serve prunes and drinks after. individual rooms and you can bring your own CD.