Sunday, 10 May 2009

This World Only Mummy Good

[to the tune of shi shang zhi you ma ma hao]
This world only mummy good
If you've got mummy you've got food
Deep in mummy's warm embrace
Happiness always

last week i called my mummy

me: mee ah, sunday ker jiak lunch mai? (sunday go eat lunch?)
mum: mai mai mai! (don't want x 3)
me: ha?
mum: ler yi nang lai wa zhi curry jiak! (you all come i cook curry for you to eat)
me: ah yo, mothers' day ler hwa ai zhi (mothers' day you still want to cook!)
mum: chook ker jiak zeng gui! (go out eat v expensive)
me: ah yo, jek ni jek bai la! (ah yo, once a year la)
mum: mai mai mai! mai buay present hor! (don't want x 3. don't buy present hor!)
me: orh... ang bao ai mai? (orh... red packet want anot?)
mum: mai mai! ha?... ang bao ah? ai ai! (don't want don't want... ha? red packet?? want want!!)


my mummy's language of love (there are 5 languages of love: time, deeds, words, gifts, touch) is defintely $$$ LOL and my kor n i will usually confer to standardise how much to give her. otherwise if one gives more than the other, she will think one of her children love her less -.-|||

anw, wishing all my girlfriends who are mummies (or mummies-to-be) a Blessed Mothers' Day =D