Monday, 18 May 2009


my beautician was telling me that when she used to drive, her husband would nag nad nag and nag and it made her so fed up that one day she just decided to stop driving altogether. she hasn't been driving for so long that she has lost all confidence but recently her husband is trying to coax her to start driving again... haha...

today we were at meida-ya and it was so super crowded that i was so stressed while parking so i hit the side curb a little and chris got v impatient started nagging at me (he usually doesn't when i drive but will give comments when i park)

chris: stop!!! go front!
me: >.<|||
chris: don't you look in the mirror??!!
me: i do i do!!! but i didn't see that thing!! it's so obsure! how come got curb here one???
chris: you didn't look at the mirror!
me: don't stress me!
chris: *breathe out fumes*

after we got out

me: i don't want to drive already *hand him car key*
chris: *ignore*
chris: *ignore*
me: you don't want the key is it? i throw away ha!
chris: *ignore*
me: *sees a fire hose reel box* you don't want the key i put it here ha
chris: k lor, let people steal our car
me: you yak yak yak so much when i'm parking make me so stressed. i don't want to drive anymore!
chris: you are v bad tempered
me: I DON'T WANT TO DRIVE ANYMORE!!!!!! ROARRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!! I'll throw the key away!!!! *pretend to throw it up at some ledge*
chris: *continue walking ignore me*
me: u ignore me
chris: *ignore*
me: *pretend to throw key into dustbin at the lift*
chris: *ignore*
me: my beautician said her husband kept nagging until one day she just decided NEVER to drive anymore. now he is trying to coax her back into driving...
chris: -.-||| sigh okok...

so when we reached home n i was trying to park, although i made some mistakes, chris kept quiet didn't dare to make noise


ann 1
chris 0