Sunday, 31 May 2009

Travelling Light?

Chris always feels I pack too much... he'd roll eyeballs when he sees me pack my luggage. he takes about 5 mins to pack his luggage while i take an average of 1 week =P i usually start with a standard list and add or delete items according to the destination. some of the things i bring are:

travel iron: eh... this one's useful k... cos you may not be able to get the iron every time n i don't like wearing crumpled clothes (even on holiday) so i'd bring my small travel iron.

u-shaped bean bag neck pillow: this one's v good, v comfortable on the plane.

disposable slippers: i take these from hotels =P and wear them on the plane.

first aid kit consisting of panadol, po chai pills, lozenges, gastric pills, plaster, medicated oil and sewing kit...

i got pack too much meh?