Tuesday, 30 June 2009

$600 >.<|||

GAH!!! friedrich's right ear cost $600!!!!! @#$$#%$#@#@$#@#@$$^#

that's one freakin' 50mm f/1.4 la! (got change to buy a hoya filter some more)

or one burberry bag

or a pair of ferragamos

or 15 foot reflex sessions

or 4 sisley facials


heart pain heart pain!!!

now i have a phobia of carparks so i drive super slowly, especially spirals or turning...

Monday, 29 June 2009

Product Review: LG Tromm Combo Washer Cum Dryer (WD1488RD) 4.5*

i'm v glad we got this machine ^^ actually if i had a choice, i'd prefer a separate washer and dryer but due to space constrains and the configuration of my kitchen cabinets, i have to settle for a combo. there was a promotion so we paid $999 (UP is $1399 think, can't rmb) having a dryer is great for duvet covers and large items like table clothes etc..., jeans that take ages to dry and for those last min need to wash n dry type of stuff. in our HDB flat, we don't really get the sun so big items take really long to dry. i also don't dare to hang clothes out to dry cos i'm afraid people throw/pour things out of their windows and hang mops out to dry >.<

 what i like:
+ good range of wash choices (cotton, eco, delicates, wool/silk, hand) i can't wait to try the handwash function =) i used to handwash quite a number of clothes >.<|||
+ before starting, the drum will toss the clothes for a few rounds to "fluff" them up. this reduces creases + the remaining time is displayed on the screen
+ there is child lock function for the buttons (good for people w kids)
+ relatively quick washing (avg about 1.5 hrs)
+ very very quiet! last time that old machine ah yo, it will go weeeoooo!!!!! eeeeeee!!!! kring krong kring krong! so loud. hahaha
+ v stable too, stays still even during spin and drying. the old machine will kring krong kring krong one lor LOL
+ energy saving
+ space saving (since it's a combo)
+ at the end of a cycle, there's a pleasant jingle so you know the clothes are ready to be removed
+ after drying, clothes come out cool and dry as in can fold and keep. they're not HOT like from most dryers. for the previous machine, the clothes come out steaming hot so we had to leave it out to cool first before folding. but this one is really good.

- if drying is included, could take as long as 6 hrs. a cool down function is incorporated so the clothes come out cool instead of hot. that's why it takes so long.

melody tried it and is v pleased that her bonnet had no creases. she also liked that it was v quiet so she could snooze.


Sunday, 28 June 2009

Movie Review: 7 Pounds (1*)

don't watch if u r bored... u'd be even more bored. donno la, this will smith show just doesn't do it for me. i like will smith, he was great in "The Pursuit of Happyness" but this show, half the time I was bored. basically it's about this guy who impersonates an IRS officer and goes out of his way to help strangers and significantly improve their lives. but he has a reason for doing so, which is revealed at the end.

sianz la. go sleep better, at least u'll wake up feeling refreshed -.-

Movie Review: The Day The Earth Stood Still (-1*)

i really catch no ball man, this one. first keanu reeves was on some ice mountain then he suddenly disappeared. then present day got a group of physicists la, chapalang geniuses supposed to save manhattan from some meteor or what i don't care la. then keanu reeves get teleported to present day like an alien and he suddenly becomes so strong. and... then i gave up...

don't waste your time (and money) *grumble grumble*

Saturday, 27 June 2009

End of (Decadent) Days

sighs... my leave is coming to an end... Mon going back to work >.<

when i am on leave, i am REALLY decadent... hm... i have

- gone to Europe (Germany, Salzburg, Paris)
- fallen sick for 2 weeks so zzzz... a lot
- watched Korean Meteor Garden (25 episodes)
- almost finished watching Japanese drama Zettai Kareshi (Absolute boyfriend, 11 episodes)
- watched Tudors season 1 (10 episodes)
- watched the following movies on the plane:
Confessions of a shopaholic,
handsome suit (japanese),
the departures (japanese),
- watched the following at home:
The other boleyn girl,
7 pounds,
slumdog millionaire,
smart people,
the day the earth stood still (i watched for 15 mins then gave up cos it's sooooooooo pointless -.-)
the sound of music

golly... that's like quite a lot... hahaha...

Yakult Aunty and Ice Cream Kids

you see chris like v cool cool one hor... but he is quite compassionate one neh... although he doesn't believe in calling those charity hotlines because he is skeptical about where the money goes, he helps people using real actions.

i don't remember when we started buying yakult from the yakult aunty but sometimes we forget to drink it and she comes again... we still have like 2 tubes (that's 10 bottles) in the fridge but chris will still buy from her then he goes and drinks 2 bottles at a go hahaha...

chris: ah ya, she so poor thing, just buy one tube la...

then there're those teenage kiddos selling ice cream. i personally don't like their ice cream cos their magnum is the original size one but i prefer minis. but chris will always buy from them.

chris: ah ya, they lug the thing everywhere... just buy la

actually me too la, especially the yakult aunty... i buy even though i don't think i NEED to drink yakult everyday, just drink lor. then once there was an aunty who dragged her daughter along and said her husband lost his job la... te blah te blah, i ended up buying the detergent from her which is still sitting beneathe my kitchen sink unopened LOL and i used to call those hotlines too... haha...

Friday, 26 June 2009

Liu Lian Liu Lian Liu Lian!

that day for fathers' day at my in laws, we were stunned to see so many people... the relatives and all. there was a lot of food, mainly my father in law's favourites like curry fish head, turtle soup, duck etc... so we ate ate ate... mum in law urged everyone to eat more...

2nd uncle: don't eat too full, got DURIANS!!! =DDDDDD
me: O.O|||

so after dinner they cleared the table and 2nd uncle happily plonked the bag of foul-smelling fruit on the chair and started opening them... i escaped to the sitting room... but chris and pat wanted to watch TV AND eat durian so i was trapped there, no where to go, the room filled with foul smell. even the dog Scruffy had a great time licking durian off pat's hands >.<

talking about scruffy, chris was reading the newspapers on the floor and left it there to get another "hood" of durian then scruffy when there and pee-ed on it!!! he is so trained to pee on newspaper that when he sees newspaper, he just pees there! LOL

then... when we were about to go home, grandma wanted to shove a box of durians to chris. she feels heart pain that her grandson doesn't get to eat durians often because his wife hates durians. i froze... she asked...

grandma: ah boy oei sai jiak liu liang boei? (can ah boy eat durian?)
me: hehehe ^^ *don't know how to respond*

she ngeh ngeh want to pass to chris even though he kept shaking his head...

grandma: ah boy ai jiak... (ah boy wants to eat...)

of cos chris didn't take that box of fruit la... he knows durians are not allowed at home and if he ever put that in the fridge >.< yeeeewwww! he whole fridge will stink! but i felt a bit bad cos i think ah ma was disappointed =((


Thursday, 25 June 2009

Movie Review: Slumdog Millionaire (5*)

I finally had the chance to watch this critically acclaimed show and enjoyed it thoroughly.

the story is about a young man, Jamal, from the slums who got onto the TV show Who Wants to be a Millionaire and wins 10 million rupees. However, the host thinks he has cheated and hence begins the investigation of his case. Through flashbacks, he tells of how each of his experiences helped him with the answers to the questions. We get a glimpse of the slums and life in India as the scene shuttles back and forth between present n past but is not chronologically mixed-up (i don't like chronologically mixed-up shows) because in present day, he is at the police station telling his stories... his childhood days, how his brother, Salim, and he made a living after their mother was killed by religious radicals and how he met the love of his life, Latika.

A moving tale of family, friendship and love worth watching, the show ends in true Bollywood fashion. The lovers meet at the train station, kiss and break out into a spontaneous but perfectly synchronised dance routine. Then suddenly, a whole lot of people appear behind them and the huge mass dance with seamless coordination. hahaha... so Bollywood =)

hm... but just a warning... you may not want to watch this (at least the first half an hour) while eating cos the slums look really dirty and there was a scene which showed Jamal taking a dump in a public toilet, which is just a make shift wooden hut on stilts with a hole at the bottom, sitting above an open cesspool =P the view was from the top so you could see what was beneathe =P and Jamal was trapped in there so the only way was to jump into the pool of waste and somehow crawl out >.< i totally lost my appetite there =PPPPPPPPPP

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Stag Night

one week ago...

chris: hi dear, sat is W's stag night ha...
me: oh? so u all going hooters to ogle at girls in tight T shirts and short shorts?
chris: -.- no, we're meeting at E's place with our lap tops!
me: ha? like that call stag night?

their version of stag night is everyone bring lap top, order pizza and game the whole night through... i thought stag night is go hooters or go somewhere got sexy girl jump out from big box to dance one... hahaha...

so sun morning i asked...

me: how is E's baby? cute?
chris: er... i don't know... we didn't go n see...
me: u mean u all went to your best friend's house... the baby's going to have first month party, n u DIDN'T see the baby?
chris: er... no...
me: when is the first month party?
chris: er... i forgot...
me: boy or girl?
chris: i think it's a boy...
me: what do u mean you THINK? i need to buy present!
chris: does it matter?
me: YES! cos if it's a girl, i'd get a pretty pink dress, if boy, i'll get a baby blue shirt! wait i get blue shirt but it's a girl how????!!!
chris: er... why can't girls wear blue shirts?
me: cos they wear BLOUSES!!!
chris: shirt and blouse, what's the diff?
me: they button differently *slap forehead*
chris: ha?
me: shirts is left over right, blouses is right over left!
chris: oh? then just buy some milk powder la...
me: he is your best friend!!!!!! how can buy milk powder????!!!!! no one gives milk powder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *going to go mad*

-.- *shake head* men

Tuesday, 23 June 2009


i dedicate this pic to all my girlfriends who have a baby less than 2 =)

Monday, 22 June 2009

An1 Pei2 Na4 Cup

haha... i don't know what got into me but i was watching the sheng shiong variety show on sat night cos chris was not at home and there didn't seem to be anything nice on TV. i was curious so i watched a bit... wa, sheng shiong must be v rich man... they're giving out money like it's in JPY!

people send in their receipts to take part in one of the competitions. if you get selected, the hosts will call you and you choose a box. inside got x100, x80 etc... so let's say your bill is $60 and you kena the x100 box means you get $6000!!!! just like that *snap fingers* wa biang, yesterday my bill at meidiya was $315 how come meidiya never have such gameshows?? imagine x100... woot!!

then got another game is the guys must wear sumo wrestler outfits and flip big big tires about 5 m to the end point. the tires have $2000, $1500, $1000, $500 written on them. time limit is 30 sec... wa, the two guys just flip flip like that, get $4500 each!!!!

then another game is shoot basketball into loop. the loop is super low and super near one (like two arms' length away -.-). got time limit. shoot in one ball get $100. the two guys got like $1700 and $1500 each!!!

and hor, although it's a cheena pok show, they allow non-chinese to take part!!! the host will just speak to them in english lor. wow, apparently this show is v hot among the aunties and sheng shiong-ites.

then then then... the most ultimate one is the children's singing competition called some An1 Pei2 Na4 Bei1. wa biang! the kids r really dressed up one neh! and they sing and dance (got proper choreography one hor! don't play play) and i watched until O.O i wonder how much their parents invested in the costumes and training.... so i SMSed my kor...

me: oei, u got watch the sheng shiong show? pls don't ever let your girls take part in those singing competition hor...

but my kor said the first Anpeina cup winner sing sing sing until earn enough money to buy property in holland v for her family -.-||| then they can sing in getai... each performance $1000, each night sing 3 times, one month can earn $90K!!! *faint*

kor: i will train them v v hard then i can retire =) if dad n mum not free, gu gu help to ferry... u get a cut too, on boh?
me: i will wear brown paper bag with holes... -.-

i think he purposely jkjk to scare me one la... i was more picturing my nieces one play piano one play violin...

Sunday, 21 June 2009

It's In The Genes?

but my kor is v encouraging...

kor: ah ya, u v good already! when i first started driving within 10 days i accident already. bus rammed into my side.
me: WA! =DD
kor: i also reversed into parked vehicle B4. mirror kena like yours la. can fix la... $500+
me: chris told me one prada bag... he lied to me... -.-
kor: =DDD


yesterday i invited my kor and mum over for steamboat to celebrate my kor's belated 28th birthday (he is 3 years older than me) so i early early go meidiya to buy stuff. i made the mistake of parking at the higher levels... sheesh, it only occurred to me when i entered the carpark cos the supermarket is in the basement -.- i comtemplated coming out and entering to go down again but ah ya, forget it la!

so to cut the long story short, as i was leaving, i tried to manouevre the car down the ramp to level 2 and for those who have been to meidiya, you'd know some parts can be a little tight. i went down half liao so half the car was down the ramp and half was still on level 3 then i get the feeling friedrich's butt might not clear i.e. i will SCRAPE the wall so i tried to reverse but because half the car was downwards i had to tap the accelerator. and wa biang, it all happened so fast... i tapped, the car gostan-ed, the right wing mirror hit the wall and CRACKED!! i quickly stepped brake but the damage has been done... DDDDD=

but bo pian continue driving, still go fetch mum then after lunch fetch mum go grand ma house, go church...

i was so scared chris will scold me... so after fetching mum asked my mum to tell him... anyway he kept calling me cos i told him i "accident" but not hurt... he wanted me to take photos of accident -.-

mum: ah chris ah.... ah... ann zhuang4 dao4 jing4 zi (ah chris ah, ann hit mirror). ta1 mei2 you3 shi4 la... jing4 zi crack! (she is fine but mirror crack)

at home...

chris: told u not to drive so fast!
me: ...
chris: u have to pay ah...
me: how much?
chris: one prada bag!
me: *gasp* so expensive??????!!!!!!!!!!!!! >.<|||

chris examined the car last night and said the housing for the mirror is damaged...

chris: see la! drive so fast! if not the damage won't be so great! =((((((((

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

hehehe =D


hahaha *rub palms together + lick lips*

i have always loved gabrielle's (my macbook air) sexy slickness but like most boyfriends with chiobu girlfriends, she may frustrate you sometimes. gabrielle really frustrates me when i am editing slideshows and videos... she throws tantrums... i try to be patient but she is just like that lor. she is just not powerful enough when it comes to video and slideshow editing. i love the faithfulness and steadfastness of the macbook pro. chris' macbook pro is built to work that way, powerful but she is just too... heavy. carry le arm feels like breaking.

soooooooooooo! now got a sexeh macbook that is powerful!!!!!!!!! at least powerful enough for what i need it to do kekeke... finally someone in apple realised there are people who like small and powerful. somehow, MEN have a fetish for all things BIG. camera must BIG BIG, lens must BIG BIG, tripod must BIG BIG, subwoofer must BIG BIG, monitor must BIG BIG, TV must BIG BIG, everything also must BIG BIG -.-

hehehe =DDDDDD

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Bad Dream


this morning i was jolted awake by a bad dream...

i dreamt that i drove friedrich (our car) then parked it but forgot to lock so when i came back, it turned into a toy car!!!! and someone covered it in crushed ice! i quickly brushed away the ice and tried to warm it up (somehow, i thought if i warmed it, it will poof turn back into a normal car -.-) but it remained a toy car. i stood there helpless and stunned when a bunch of people came over to offer help. but they were bad people!!! they took friedrich and ran away with him!!!! *sobs* i was so afraid chris would scold me so i wanted to take out my phone to call him but i realised those bad people stole my phone too!!!!


i wandered aimlessly looking for someone to lend me a phone and i cried and cried in my dream... i buried my face in my palms and wept... then i woke up... heng ah, it's a dream....

*wipe sweat*

Germany Videos

Remember i told you that at Neuschwanstein castle where we rode on a horse carriage, there were puddles of horse poop along the way and flies flies flies??

here's the video chris took with his i-phone. i was fanning away to keep them off =P

and the interesting german toilet seats:

Monday, 15 June 2009

The Tudors (5*)

wa!!! this is such a great show!!! chris introduced me to it and i was hooked ^^ it's the story of king henry VIII and boy, is he handsome!!! after watching one episode you just NEED to watch the next =P

i am so gonna read william shakespeare's henry VIII ^^

Sunday, 14 June 2009


sighs... our washer cum dryer konked le =( the repair guy says to replace the motor costs $500 -.- then may as well buy new one right? heng ah now GSS got discounts so we got a new one for $999 but still, it's $999!!!! i can buy a decent lens neh!

Black-Listed Hotel Chain: Ibis

i blacklisted this hotel chain liao. it's really CMI... i don't mind no frills but this one is so no frills yet not cheap plus the interior decor is super bad taste! green curtains, turquoise lamp stands, blue doors >.<

and they only gave one pathetic bar of soap and one tiny bottle of shampoo *grumble grumble*

100 euros a night neh. that's SGD$200.

kra... pui!

Saturday, 13 June 2009


haha while searching for the samsui women theme song, i found some old old SBC TV dramas that i once loved =))) they're so classic. much better than the ones now. those were the times huang wen yong was considered quite a stud LOL

of cos, samsui women was one of my favourites =)

i also loved

wu4 suo3 nan2 yang2

coincidentally, they like to start the song with AHHH!!!

bian1 yuan2 shao4 nian2... i really loved the theme song LOL

i also loved this song, especially the starting tu tu tu du tu part! hahahahaha i could sing it man!

and this one, i think most singaporeans can hum... haha... Kopi-O

i loved zoe tay in this

i also liked
my fair lady

jin1 lan2 jie2

Golly... hahaha.... anyone knows where i can download to watch again?? LOL

Friday, 12 June 2009


>.< i put in a load of clothes to wash and was watching TV while having breakfast then suddenly the electricity tripped!!! so i switched everything off and one by one checked... narrowed down to kitchen. the problem is there. so called town council the uncle came and look look see see. say the problem is the washing machine!!!! double checked... off everything in kitchen one by one switch on then when we switched on the washing machine, piak! tripped again... GAH!!!! so it IS the washing machine!!!! *pull hair* and the load of clothes inside is wet wet with detergent!!!! >.<||| so i had to take out all and HANDWASH!!!! =PPPPPPPPPPPPPP

still got about 2.5 loads of clothes chris say send to chrisclean (our laundry guy whom we send dry clean stuff and bedsheets etc. to) siao ah, i est it will cost at least $200 -.- chris says it's ok he pay... siaoz... mid year no bonus neh...

i kakee wash whatever i can the rest borrow mum-in-law's washing machine to wash on sun. sheesh... i wonder how the women last time do it... they can wash clothes without washing machine and give birth without epidiural -.-

*samsui women drama theme song play in the background*

Ninja Warrior

woot! ninja warrior is such an exciting show man!!! woo hoo!!!! i get v excited when i watch it (and it's not (just) because of muscular men) but when they fall into the ditch i go "ARRGGHHHHH!!!!!" when they pass i go "YAY!!!!!!" then sometimes the stage is almost coming to an end and the last few obstacles i'd go "AAHH!!! AAAHH! AAAHHH!!!!" when they clear clear clear LOL

don't play play k? some of these contestants are olympic gold medalists ah! got one high school gymnast suuuuuuuuuuuper cute siah!!! he looks way too pretty to be that strong LOL i'm rooting for him to win!


Thursday, 11 June 2009


hehehe, i bought a cool pen in Salzburg ^^ it's the kind you write a bit got to dip ink write a bit got to dip ink kind =D hehehe... i just tried writing "The quick brown fox jumped over a lazy dog" and the ink can tahan until "jumped", not bad not bad. washing up is a breeze just rinse and wipe the nib or just wipe clean also can. but it's a bit scratchy la and i find the nib a little long so it takes some getting used to...

but it's quite a cool pen =D it's almost like writing with quill, except it's not a feather... hehehe

but my namiki is still my favourite la.

Paris Day 3

We went to Chateau De Versailles which Grace strongly recommended. but... but... but... they were carrying out restoration works!!!! so got wrap here wrap there, machinery everywhere, fountain not on, flowers all uprooted... @#$@!#%#$^%$&%$^%@#%!$%!@#$!@%@#$^%$^#$%^ then again, Grace also said Paris is VERY nice -.- cos she doesn't eat ma -.-

then it started drizzling... so i took a grand total of 13 photos -.-

try to imagine got fountain bishhhhhhh out water k?

then chris brought me to Galerie Lafayette =DDDDDDDDDDD u know the equation

let x be the no. of photos taken
let y be the amount of money spent shopping
x = k/y where k is a positive real constant

k la k la, europe (in particular paris) is not bad la =P

Paris Day 2

If there's one place i find nicest in Paris, it's got to be The Lourve... the architecture is really beautiful ^^

however, we suay suay (some people may think it's heng heng) came on the day admission was free so the whole paris was there too so it was super super crowded like chinatown in CNY and it was so stuffy inside i felt faint so we came out after tahan-ing until we see the original Mona Lisa. it's boxed up in glass and cordoned off about 3m away... so kuah zhang.

The Lourve compound is too big le la... don't think you can finish walking through ALL the exhibitions.

the other place i quite like is Notre Dame Cathedral. but when we were there, there was a service going on so we couldn't go near the altar plus it was super crowded (-.- what's new in Paris?).

i have always wanted to see gargoyles up close and actually they don't look v scary one neh.

this gargoyle must be thinking "dinner eat wat ha?"

climbing up the tower is no joke hor. 400 steps. no lift, no toilets. not recommended for pregnant women, elderly, those with cardiac conditions or vertigo and also not for those too... erm... not thin cos some parts are v v narrow so... may kena stuck. but the climb is really worth it cos it gives an amzing view of paris ^^

chris going down the spiral stairs

The Great Bell. in Victor Hugo's Hunchback of Notre Dame, Quasimodo is the bell ringer lor.

Paris Day 1

this is the breakfast they serve on the train from Munich to Paris =) decent la... like airplane food lor (but not as nice... i'm one of those weirdos who like airplane food cos i find it v "complete" got veg got meat got dessert LOL)

like i said, because the food sucked big time, i was too tired to shoot many photos. these are the places we visited =)

LV shrine... wa biang, there was a long Q of devotees man... i didn't Q la... siao ah. i bought my stuff from Galerie Lafayette on the last day instead.

Arc De Triomphe (which is in front of Champs-Elysees, THE shopping street)

ah yo, it was so super crowded >.< and don't ask me why i didn't take a shot of it at night with the car lights zhioop here zhioop there hor. i also want but sunset at 10pm -.- and got to risk life, stand in the middle of the road, set up tripod... siaoz

think Day 1 photos not nice cos chris n i quarelled a bit and he ignored me =((( so i no mood. cos i wanted to Q up to see Andy Warhol's exhibition at the Grand Palaise and we Q-ed for 40 mins and he didn't like the exhibition at all so he said i was v stubborn =((((((((

Andy Warhol is a pop artist based in Pittsburg. i'm sure you have seen his work (see below... pic from internet)

Madeleine church... cool... golden rectangle.

Tour Eiffel... also super crowded. we didn't bother to climb up la... cos the Q was suuuuuuuper long. we also went to Trocadero where supposedly, you can get the best view of Eiffel tower but didn't take photo la... so cliche. everyone also take from there. i choose to take from near near... like the poster at Ikea hor? LOL

we decided to do a silly cliche shot haha... and chris purposedly posed like he thinks he is in the wrong country (Matt's country LOL)

Wednesday, 10 June 2009


we went to collect west and claire from boarding with the sisters C&S... and the first thing they asked was

C&S: =D do u guys wake up at 0630 every morning?
chris: *eyes dart left-right, i'm giggling in the car* er ya... around that time... why?
C&S: oh, cos every morning at 630 they'd rattle the cage door hahaha
chris: oh... hehe... so pai seh... ya, they do that every morning... haha...
C&S: so cute! we figured they must be let out the same time every morning...
me: ya, they can be quite manipulative... hahaha

this west and claire, come back only went to pang sai in their toilet! tsk tsk tsk...


i feel groggy the whole day. the plane was quite empty so i had the whole 3-seater to myself and zonked off most of the time, i only watched "Handsome Suit" and "Confessions of a Shopaholic"... so funny =D

when we arrived at changi, i was still groggy and not thinking straight...

me: dear ah, is our car red or green?
chris: O.O???!!! it's SILVER!!!!
me: oh? hehe... ^^ i was thinking do we drive a mitsubishi colt or suzuki swift... hehe... =D

then i got into the car to drive to hock lam and i stared at the accelerator pedal...

me: er dear, what's this ha?
chris: -.-???!!! it's the accelerator pedal!!!!!
me: oh... hehe...

then going to drive off... car didn't move... something's not right... oh, forgot put to D mode and put down handbrake... hehehe...

after driving for a while...

me: dear ah, the right most is slowest or left most is slowest?
chris: -_______-||| dear, we're in singapore, not germany!!! left most is slowest!!!!
me: how come the cars like slow mo one ha?
chris: this is singapore!!! cannot drive so fast!!!
me: oh... hehe...

i missed a turn into the carpark so had to go one big round...

me: oh i'm v familiar with this road... always come here during driving lessons =DD

then i turn here turn there... a bit... forget....

chris: turn left!
me: oh... say so earlier ma
chris: i thought you're v familiar with this road...!!
me: i forgot already =P
chris: u need to eat ginko nuts!!!


we licked the bowl clean, not a single drop of soup left... and ta pao dessert: soy beancurd with ginko nuts =)

Home Sweet Home =)

yay yay!! it's good to be home =) humidity vs hunger? i'd take humidity =D

first thing we did was to take a dump... yes, there's just something very homely about sitting on your own toilet again =) the sense of security, the familiarity... aahhhhh =)

and of cos, to get rid of ALL the bad european food before heading for hock lam beef noodles!!!! the first bowl of proper food in 10 days *sobs*

will post paris pics tmr =) but not many la, was hungry @.@ so no energy

Europe: Some Thoughts

when it comes to travel: europe vs japan, i prefer Japan =P

kk, let me justify myself. here are 10 reasons why i prefer japan =)

The food in Japan is WAY WAY WAY WAY better!!!! I can eat Japanese food EVERYDAY and i still want to eat!! i can even eat ramen in every city and don't get sick of it because each city's ramen has it's uniquesness. not to forget (uni) sea urchin, otoro (fatty tuna), tarabagani (king crab), wagyu (marbeled beef) and kurobuta (berkshire pork) and many more. the thing about japanese food is that they use the seasonal ingredients and cook it in a way that brings out the natural flavour of the food. i guess it just appeals to my palate. in europe, we eat to live, in japan, we live to eat. we get excited in japan when it's meal time. it's "what shall we eat? =DDDDD" in europe it's "oh man, meal time again... what to eat ha? >.<" then pray we don't kena the bad food.

contrary to popular belief, japan is not expensive. it's getting cheaper. a can of coke is about JPY150 which is about SGD$2+ but in europe, a bottle of mineral water is 2.60 euros, that's like SGD$5!!! everything in europe is expensive (other than LV). the food there is the same price as in singapore except it's in euros (so u have to times 2) -.- and expensive but delicious never mind, it's expensive and super not nice!!!!

the service and packaging in japan is better lor. full stop.

the hotels in japan, even the v lok ones give pretty decent service and the minimal amenities include toothbrush, toothpaste, shower gel, shampoo and conditioner. and always got kettle and green tea. if you pay a bit more (SGD$300), you get v convenient locations (like my favourite granvia chain) and a whole host of other amenities like trousers press, shoe deodoriser, face steamer, wireless unlimited complimentary internet, facial cleanser, even shiseido/polar skincare etc etc... the list goes on. and also almost always got yukata (japanese style pyjamas) and slippers. i don't even want to start on the ryokans... for the expensive ones... the dinner and breakfast are super good. of cos, the buffet always has miso soup, rice or porridge and japanese preserved veg and plums which i love ^^

the nice hotel (Hotel Mueller in Hohenswangau) we stayed at cost 140 euros (SGD$280) and breakfast is included.

ok, architecture is v different. it's a different kind of nice. so it's a little difficult to compare. in terms of natural landscape, i think japan is nicer =P

this one's obvious. we speak the language so getting around, ordering food etc in japan is a breeze.

there're so many comprehensive resources available on the internet for japanese travel and of cos, their transport network which is available on hyperdia.com so amazing. i can plan my trip right down to the timing of the train i want to take. maybe europe has it too but we didn't know =P in any case, the JR pass can be used on bullet trains, local trains, buses and even ferries as long as they're run by JR. but the Eurail pass can only be used across cities.

this one is a v japanese thing. i LOVE hot springs and i don't think europe has the equivalent.

in japan the weather is not so dry. in europe, my skin cracks even after i smother myself in moisturiser. it's so painful >.< my soles cracked and i could see the inside flesh >.< ouch!

in japan, the bullet trains are silent. no one talks loudly and u r not allowed to use phones in the carriage. so can zzz... but on our way from munich to paris, wa biang the people were talking talking talking and got one guy talking on the phone so loudly until i can hear the other line kee lee koo loo >.<

cleanliness and security in japan is also better. the streets are clean like in singapore and we feel safe walking around, even at night. but in europe, we've to beware of pickpockets, the streets are dirty, there's pee smell in some stations or underpasses, there's vandalism everywhere and sometimes we see weird people that freak us out.

and not to mention, japan has heated toilet seats with bidet that can spray front spray back, blow dry and got music when you take a dump so i won't be offensive to your neighbours... oh but in Germany, at the autobahn rest stops, the toilet seats are v cool. after you flush, a jet and wipe will be ejected then the seat will rotate and the jet and wipe will clean it so you get a clean toilet seat all the time =) that's so cool!

so our verdict is: given same expenditure and time, we'd go to japan again ANYTIME =P

Paris: First Impressions

it's really very beautiful... the architecture is amazing... oh, the roads have no lane markings one *pats chest*

The River Seine

it's also a very cultural place. there're musicians/artistes EVERYWHERE, buskers. even IN the trains. u can board a train and then a violinist, trumpeter, guitarist, accordian player etc will come in and entertain u. if u r impressed, u can give money.

this guitarist is v v good.

there was even a puppeteer... he just put up a curtain between two poles and started doing his show... so funny.

then we met a v funny street comedian who wears a mask then goes around kacheow-ing people... hahaha... everyone was so tickled.

so everywhere u go, u get entertained. sit train got music, walk underpass got music, Q up also got music...

it's everywhere.... which also makes it v difficult for them to make a living... cos it's everywhere. i believe the parisians r immune to it le. on the first day we were v enthralled. but by the second day, we got used to them le LOL


it's super crowded >.< especially at the touristy spots like The Lourve and Champs-Élysées... wa biang, almost like our chinatown near CNY =P

the streets are dirty, check out this car drenched in bird droppings =P

some stations, walkways and underpasses got pee smell. we smelled like 5 times a day >.< =PPPPPPPP

the food is BAD!!!! *CRY*

i was hungry most of the time so no energy to take many photos. not enough nutrition ma... pai seh. i will upload them once i have editted them k!

Au revoir!

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

BBC on Germany

There are only two channels we can watch in Europe - BBC and CNN. we heard on BBC that a study was done and revealed that among european countries, Germany will be able to weather the economic storm best.


it also said that spending in restaurants have reduced...

i wonder why *roll eyeballs*

but spending at fast food restaurants remains good

er... could it be because the food is better?? LOL

k, movin' on to Paris!! ^^

Germans: The Good, the Bad and the Weird

The Good:
K la k la, not all germans are unfriendly.

The waitress at the restaurant in Wurzburg is very nice and sweet. She was v v helpful (and v v pretty too ^^). Too bad, it’s the macaroni and cheese and wet salad place =PPPPP

and the Heidelberg hotel aunties are v nice too ^^

At the tourist info centre in Munich, the lady who attended to us was most patient and friendly. She is not ang mo, same colour as West. Made us feel really welcomed =) what a lovely lady.

And there was a taxi-driver in Munich who helped us to google on his i-phone the closing time of a museum. That’s so sweet of him ^^

and of cos all the staff at Hohenswangau Mueller Hotel were great =)

The Bad:
I’ve talked about the racist café owner in Heidelberg. In our Munich hotel, the receptionist was v v rude. When we booked the room, we requested for non-smoking room but they gave us a smoking room so chris went to inform them, “Excuse me, I think there’s been a mistake. We requested for non-smoking room but you gave me a smoking room.” And the girl sniped back, “It’s a REQUEST! You don’t have to be so upset!” er… chris wasn’t even upset lor… he was just talking normally. In any case, as a hotel staff, she shouldn’t talk to the guests using that tone of voice tsk tsk tsk.

The Weird:
The guy at the customs in the airport chatted with me and offered me a sundae, which I politely declined. Wait he poison me how? Siaoz… Haha…

and got two guys selling fruits and veg in Nuremburg v nice let me take pictures of their produce. Then they offered to pose for me and asked me if they’re muscular plus flex muscles -.- I chin chai shoot one for them and after that delete -.-

And got one guy at the Kaiserburg tried to talk to me in German but I gave him stunned look (cos he had blue Mohawk hair and facial piercings >.< I didn’t know how to react) then he tried “Konnichiwa” and “Ni2 Hao3” -.- I just pretended to be really engrossed taking pictures then quickly run to chris and I think the guy got the idea. Weird people…

Hotel Review: Eden Hotel Wolff in Munich (4*)

This is right opposite the Hauptbahnhof (train station) so it’s very convenient to spend the night there if you’re hoping on an early train the next morning. Although right next to the station, rooms are quiet which is great. Service staff are very polite and helpful. Décor is rustic (the walls are wooden) but the amenities are modern (the door works by touching the key card to the sensor, no need to insert).

Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg, the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and the location on which The Sound of Music is based is just 1.5 hours from Munich so on our way back from Neuschwanstein, we made a last minute decision to detour there for a day trip and I’m glad we did ^^ a quick research using hotel mueller's free internet service and zoomed in on the top recommended spots =)

We visited the Mozart Geburtshaus (Geburtshaus actually means birth-place) and Mozart Wohnhaus, which are museums housing original manuscripts, letters, portrait paintings and instruments of the Mozart family and stage designs for his famous operas such as Die Zauberflöte and Don Giovanni. Mozart was christened Joannes Chrysostomus Wolfgang Theophilus Mozart. In Latin, Theophilus is Amadeus and in German, it’s Gottlieb (k, makes sense, since theo and gott mean God and lieb mean love). It reminds me of the movie Amadeus ^^

The best view of Salzburg is from Festung Hohensalzburg, a fortress perched on a hill which overlooks the entire city. Entrance is by foot or funicular. Entrance fee includes admission to all museums within the fortress (but nothing much one la, those displaying uniforms, ammunition etc lor).

We visited the Dom Cathedral but couldn’t get near the altar cos there was a rehearsal for a concert.

Some of the places featured in The Sound of Music movie can be accessed by foot such as this nunnery where Sister Maria came from

and the cemetery where the Von Trapp family hid from the German soldiers.

The other sites are too far out you probably have to take a tour. The Sound of Music tours are available which will bring you to these places.

Salzburg is a beautiful city with many cultural activities. You can catch an opera, string puppet show or concert. You can hear music in many places either by street musicians or tourists (me too!) humming songs from The Sound of Music. Doe, a deer, a female deer… Ray, a drop of golden sun… haha. If we had time, I’d have stayed one night there =) I read that the waiters and waitresses in Salzburg can be very rude but we didn’t encounter any =) oh, don’t buy the Mozart balls from the museum souvenir shops… v expensive! I bought one box from the Mozart Geburtshaus for 7.90 euros then I saw it at another shop for 5.60 euros -.- think on the way back at Frankfurt I’ll check out the supermarkets. They may have it there. And somehow I kinda remember seeing it at Taka basement… ???

street chess

horse carriages

tram lines