Monday, 22 June 2009

An1 Pei2 Na4 Cup

haha... i don't know what got into me but i was watching the sheng shiong variety show on sat night cos chris was not at home and there didn't seem to be anything nice on TV. i was curious so i watched a bit... wa, sheng shiong must be v rich man... they're giving out money like it's in JPY!

people send in their receipts to take part in one of the competitions. if you get selected, the hosts will call you and you choose a box. inside got x100, x80 etc... so let's say your bill is $60 and you kena the x100 box means you get $6000!!!! just like that *snap fingers* wa biang, yesterday my bill at meidiya was $315 how come meidiya never have such gameshows?? imagine x100... woot!!

then got another game is the guys must wear sumo wrestler outfits and flip big big tires about 5 m to the end point. the tires have $2000, $1500, $1000, $500 written on them. time limit is 30 sec... wa, the two guys just flip flip like that, get $4500 each!!!!

then another game is shoot basketball into loop. the loop is super low and super near one (like two arms' length away -.-). got time limit. shoot in one ball get $100. the two guys got like $1700 and $1500 each!!!

and hor, although it's a cheena pok show, they allow non-chinese to take part!!! the host will just speak to them in english lor. wow, apparently this show is v hot among the aunties and sheng shiong-ites.

then then then... the most ultimate one is the children's singing competition called some An1 Pei2 Na4 Bei1. wa biang! the kids r really dressed up one neh! and they sing and dance (got proper choreography one hor! don't play play) and i watched until O.O i wonder how much their parents invested in the costumes and training.... so i SMSed my kor...

me: oei, u got watch the sheng shiong show? pls don't ever let your girls take part in those singing competition hor...

but my kor said the first Anpeina cup winner sing sing sing until earn enough money to buy property in holland v for her family -.-||| then they can sing in getai... each performance $1000, each night sing 3 times, one month can earn $90K!!! *faint*

kor: i will train them v v hard then i can retire =) if dad n mum not free, gu gu help to ferry... u get a cut too, on boh?
me: i will wear brown paper bag with holes... -.-

i think he purposely jkjk to scare me one la... i was more picturing my nieces one play piano one play violin...