Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Bad Dream


this morning i was jolted awake by a bad dream...

i dreamt that i drove friedrich (our car) then parked it but forgot to lock so when i came back, it turned into a toy car!!!! and someone covered it in crushed ice! i quickly brushed away the ice and tried to warm it up (somehow, i thought if i warmed it, it will poof turn back into a normal car -.-) but it remained a toy car. i stood there helpless and stunned when a bunch of people came over to offer help. but they were bad people!!! they took friedrich and ran away with him!!!! *sobs* i was so afraid chris would scold me so i wanted to take out my phone to call him but i realised those bad people stole my phone too!!!!


i wandered aimlessly looking for someone to lend me a phone and i cried and cried in my dream... i buried my face in my palms and wept... then i woke up... heng ah, it's a dream....

*wipe sweat*