Saturday, 6 June 2009

Deutschland Tag Drei: Nürnberg (Germany Day 3: Nuremburg)

My colleague KG is right, he says the further south you go, the better the food =) we had very nice pizza at an Italian restaurant so I’m in a good mood =) hey hey, the best food in Germany is NOT German! =P

We started with Kaiserburg, the imperial castle complex. Entrance is only by guided tour but it’s in German so we zzz… when he yakked and yakked and yakked lor… haha… in between shoot shoot here and there a bit. The interior is v v old, old until the wall murals no colour already. Nothing much inside la so I also didn’t edit the pictures I took =P and the main tower is under conservation so cannot climb up -.-

but there’s a well that is 50m deep… the tour guide poured in some water and we had to wait a few seconds before hearing it splash!! So cool! Then he continued pouring until all the water is gone but the splash sound continued for another few more seconds. Cool cool!!! Reminded me of The Little Nyonya… LOL if yueniang fell in, sure die one.

Oh oh, there’s a very nice youth hostel at the back of Kaiserburg =) see the room windows (below)? Nice hor… =) but not near train station hor. So if you don’t drive, you have to lug your luggage uphill =P or take a cab la!

Lorenzkirche (St. Lorenz Church)

One thing I love about Europe is the blue sky =) shoot anything also nice… or maybe it’s because I’m in a good mood cos I had green tea during breakfast =))) green tea makes me happy =), Burger King for lunch and nice pizza for dinner haha…

Frauenkirche (Church of My Lady, I think…)

We jalan jalan at the market in front of Frauenkirche

WA! white asparagus neh!! difficult to find in singapore.

Sebalduskirche (St. Sebald Church)

The church organ is HUMONGOUS!