Thursday, 4 June 2009

Deutschland Tag Eins (Germany Day 1): Heidelberg

This... is the car i wish we rented LOL k, we're driving a stick-shift Ford that runs on diesel -.-

hm... because of the bad food, i was not in a good mood so i think my pictures are not v nice. plus i broke my 50mm f/1.8 *sobs* so i only have my 18-200 and fisheye =( and forgot to borrow ND filter from G... =P

Nice view from our window =) we're right in front of Alte Bruecke (Old Bridge) in Altstadt (Old Town).

Nacht (night). sky turns dark at around 10pm, sunrise at 5am... it's summer so long days and short nights are typical. good for the tourists =)

The lift is v old-school neh... at first we look here look there couldn't find the lift then we found it =P the door must open like this one... nice, i like =)

typical German architecture.

Alte Bruecke und Schloss Heidelberg (Old Bridge and Heidelberg Castle)

Altstadt (Old Town) from Schloss Heidelberg

Inside Schloss Heidelberg (ruins)

HeiliggeistKirche (Heiligge = Holy, Geist = ghost/spirit, Kirche = church. so it's Church of the Holy Spirit) from Schloss Heidelberg

Inside HeiliggeistKirche

Inside Jesuit Church

Chris at Schloss Heidelberg... =P the slope leading up to Schloss Heidelberg is no joke... it's a steep ascent from about 200-300m but felt like 1km =PPP

A street performer

There was a convocation in the market square and a bagpipe ensemble performing for the event =)