Monday, 8 June 2009

Deutschland Tag Fünf: Schloss Neuschwanstein und Schloss Hohenswangau (Germany Day 5: Neuschwanstein Castle and Hohenswangau Castle)

Schloss Neuschwanstein is supposedly the most famous, most beautiful and most visited castle in Germany after which Disneyland’s sleeping beauty castle is modeled. And the best view is from Marienbrücke (Mary’s Bridge)

or from up above if you para-glide =P unfortunately, when we were there it didn’t look very pretty cos they were doing some maintenance works DDDDDD= so we also didn’t go para-gliding in the end cos no point ma, castle not pretty… can you see all those ugly wraps around the nicer part of the castle? Sians… the churches also… always got one part wrapped up... so ugly @#$%

Access to the castle is only by foot (45 mins), horse carriage (15 mins) or bus (15 mins). Horse carriages either have a long queue or you have to wait for it to be filled (the uncle will not move until the carriage is filled) so make sure you queue early cos you need to reach the castle entrance by a certain time (stated on your ticket). If you miss the time, sorry you’ve got to come back down and buy another ticket =P we took the horse carriage up and boy, what a ride! Donno what the horse ate that morning kept farting!!! >.< and we were seated in front so were facing the horse’s ass LOL then suddenly the horse on the left needed to poop and the horseman paused then the horse poooooooot! Out 3 lumps of poop!!! Right in front of us!!!! Along the way we also passed by some old poop where flies were having a buffet =PPPPPPPP very funny…

entry into the castle is only by guided tour so you will need a ticket from the ticket booth (neh, the one beside our hotel).
This castle was commissioned by King Ludwig II and took 17 years to build. What we see today is only a third of it because they never finished building it after the king died. This king is very very kwa zhang. Pattern more than badminton. The interior décor (photography not allowed, as usual) is very very kwa zhang. Take his bed chamber for example. The wood carvings took donno how many wood carvers 4 years to carve those designs and his bed is built like a cathedral (ya, with stiples and domes) and when he lies inside, he looks up to golden stars. He has his personal chapel inside the room with an ivory crucifix and he even built a cave in the castle!!! -.- donno for what. The castle had running water k. cos the source is much higher up so every morning when he woke up, he turned on his silver swan and out from the neck flowed cold running water. The kitchen is also very cool… Leonardo Da Vinci designed the heating system k. don’t play play…

But you know what’s the best part? The king stayed there for only about half a year -.- build for 17 years stay for half a year -.-??? it’s not that he died… he had other castles (like Linerhof) diao… -.- this is what the king can see everyday from his castle - The Alpsee (lake) and Schloss Hohenswangau.

Schloss Hohenswangau is a smaller castle which is visible from Neuschwanstein. There is no need to take a horse carriage up Schloss Hohenswangau. Just walk up, it only takes about 15 mins. We didn’t go in. you need a separate ticket for this castle. Oh wait, chris didn’t even come with me. He wanted to stay in the room and surf internet -.-

The Alpsee lake is just a 10mins walk from our hotel, with the Bavarian Alps in the backdrop. It's really nice to just sit there and enjoy the beautiful and serene landscape ^^

the water is really clear =)

two cute doggies out for a walk ^^ in europe, it's common for people to travel with their dogs.

the route to Hohenswangau from Munich

oh, i saw a fat bumble bee ^^ but too bad i didn't have my 50mm f/1.8 with me =(