Friday, 5 June 2009

Deutschland Tag Zwei: Würzburg und Rothenburg ODT (Germany Day 2: Würzburg and Rothenburg ODT)

Er… firstly, ODT is not oral digital thermometer hor ROFLMAO it’s Ob Der Tauber (not sure what it means haha…)
From Heidelberg to Rothenburg ODT, we swung by Würzburg, the starting point of Germany’s Romantic Road where the Unesco World Heritage Site Residenz stands. Once the residence of prince-bishops, the opulence and grandeur of this magnificent architecture draws crowds from all over the world. Carpark is huge but packed and expect to queue for a few minutes to get in. It’s a pity that photography is not allowed within the building. Imagine immaculately painted ceilings (rococo-style)… they really take your breath away =)

Walk around the building and take a stroll in the beautiful garden (free admission, open to public) to admire some of the loveliest blooms in Europe which means you should go in spring or summer ^^

Oh, Würzburg is where I had the macaroni and cheese and wet salad =P

Rothenburg Ob Der Tauber is surrounded by a city wall (I guess it’s like the wall of Jericho LOL) and within, you can stroll around and admire the architecture, shop or just have a coffee at one of the alfresco cafes.

We visited the Criminal Museum which houses instruments of torture. Initially I was worried that I’d get nightmares but cheh… it’s not scary one la. The usual spiked chair, kiap finger, split limbs instruments, chastity belts lor. In fact some of the instruments of “torture” are a bit duh one… like a mask with a tongue depressor for gossip-mongers, a huge and heavy rosary for people who sleep in church or skip church (I was telling chris he has to wear that sometimes er… cos he sometimes dozes off during sermon tsk tsk tsk… ), double neck violins (i.e. for two necks and two pairs of hands) for quarrelsome people including spouses. They’d only be freed if harmony is restored LOL then also got one instrument for punishing bad musicians. It looks like a clarinet but with a metal hook to hook around the person’s neck and the fingers kena locked on the instrument to make it look like they’re playing it and the thing will play some horrible sound LOLL

We also climbed to the top of Rathaus (Town Hall) for a view of the town =) they are very smart you know… open door wide wide make you think it’s free then when you go all the way up, just before the climb to the bell tower got one cashier there collect 2 euros from you *grumble grumble* by then you climb until there so chuan3 already you bopian pay la!!

Rothenburg from tower

Spiral stairs down the Rathaus tower

I was in a good mood after that cos we had BURGER KING!!!! Our best meal so far =PPP can you believe it? the best meal so far in Germany is American -.- but i lost my fisheye lens cap inside RODT!!! =((((