Saturday, 27 June 2009

End of (Decadent) Days

sighs... my leave is coming to an end... Mon going back to work >.<

when i am on leave, i am REALLY decadent... hm... i have

- gone to Europe (Germany, Salzburg, Paris)
- fallen sick for 2 weeks so zzzz... a lot
- watched Korean Meteor Garden (25 episodes)
- almost finished watching Japanese drama Zettai Kareshi (Absolute boyfriend, 11 episodes)
- watched Tudors season 1 (10 episodes)
- watched the following movies on the plane:
Confessions of a shopaholic,
handsome suit (japanese),
the departures (japanese),
- watched the following at home:
The other boleyn girl,
7 pounds,
slumdog millionaire,
smart people,
the day the earth stood still (i watched for 15 mins then gave up cos it's sooooooooo pointless -.-)
the sound of music

golly... that's like quite a lot... hahaha...