Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Europe: First Impressions

1. Service in Germany is
Generally not very warm. Mixed la, some v nice and helpful, some v attitude. I just don’t get the kind of hospitality I get in Asia (by Asia I mean Japan, Indonesia, Thailand). Makes me feel they’re racists -.- I donno la, if an ang mo doesn’t give me good service, I’d think s/he is racist =P Gah! Even Microsoft Word is racist!!! I type “Europe” the E will automatically be caps but when I type japan, see see, it didn’t automatically caps the J!! let me try china, asia, see see! Again no caps! ok, try America, GAH!!!! They’re racist!!!!! =(
for a start, the goondu taxi driver sent us to the wrong hotel!!!! It’s the same chain but two different hotels. End up we had to take another taxi to the other hotel and it turned out that the airport and the two hotels formed a sort of equilateral triangle >.< so end up we paid more than SGD$100 to get to our hotel in Frankfurt =(((
then on the second morning we went out for breakfast and saw a lady putting out tables and chairs for the al fresco section and asked her if she served breakfast, she said “0930”. It was 8 plus so we went around but came back to a café opposite her shop and saw people having breakfast there at about 845!!! What a racist b*tch!!! @!#$!@#$

2. Driving in Germany is
Shiok but scary =D according to Chris. Well, they claimed we didn’t request for an auto car and gave us a stick-shift (see la, such bad service tsk tsk tsk) so I couldn’t drive. Hwa, kiah see lang ah… if you drive at 100km/h, you’re a road hog k! chris was driving at 140km/h and these crazy cars kept speeding past him!!! ZHIIOOOM!!!! Siaoz -.- the road signs are not v clear and chris feels it's not obvious whether some roads can be accessed by car. Heng ah, his wife at least knows "Einbahnstrasse" means "one way street" (ein = one, bahn = way, strasse = street) so he won't go wrong direction LOL quite frustrating cos the stupid GSP sometimes asks us to turn right but then there's no right turn there !#@$!

3. Weather in Germany is nice =) it’s cool like air con and you don’t sweat cos it’s not humid like singapore where we melt everyday… =PPP

4. Cost of Living in Europe is very high… each meal cost an average of SGD$10-30 per person and it tastes like sh*t. we spend an average of SGD$12 per day on water. Basket… European hotels have NO kettle!!! GAH!!! I can’t even drink my green tea and milo!!! *exasperated* parking is also v expensive… park one night is about SGD$15. And go public toilet must pay 50 EU cents (that’s SGD$1!!!!) but ok la, in some places, you can take the toilet voucher and offset your purchase.

5. German food … this needs a separate entry on its own cos I have quite a lot to say =P