Friday, 12 June 2009


>.< i put in a load of clothes to wash and was watching TV while having breakfast then suddenly the electricity tripped!!! so i switched everything off and one by one checked... narrowed down to kitchen. the problem is there. so called town council the uncle came and look look see see. say the problem is the washing machine!!!! double checked... off everything in kitchen one by one switch on then when we switched on the washing machine, piak! tripped again... GAH!!!! so it IS the washing machine!!!! *pull hair* and the load of clothes inside is wet wet with detergent!!!! >.<||| so i had to take out all and HANDWASH!!!! =PPPPPPPPPPPPPP

still got about 2.5 loads of clothes chris say send to chrisclean (our laundry guy whom we send dry clean stuff and bedsheets etc. to) siao ah, i est it will cost at least $200 -.- chris says it's ok he pay... siaoz... mid year no bonus neh...

i kakee wash whatever i can the rest borrow mum-in-law's washing machine to wash on sun. sheesh... i wonder how the women last time do it... they can wash clothes without washing machine and give birth without epidiural -.-

*samsui women drama theme song play in the background*