Wednesday, 3 June 2009

German Food (-10*)

German food is HORRIBLE >.< after ONE day, we were dreaming of herbal chicken soup, xiao long bao, chicken rice, prawn mee, teochew porridge, ramen, tom yam soup etc… German food is super super salty =PP and they give you salt some more @.@

I had a sandwich (which is hard hard one) for breakfast >.< lunch I had goulash soup which tasted like super concentrated minestrone… >.< like they opened the campbell and forgot to dilute with water.

Dinner I buay tahan ordered a salad then came… shredded carrot, shredded radish, purple cabbage, corn, kidney beans on a bed of WET iceberg lettuce!!!! Then for lunch the next day, I ordered what was described as pasta with vegetables (tomato, onion) and cheese. In my mind I pictured al dente pasta with vegetables (like sundried tomatoes and baby onions) sautéed in extra virgin olive oil sprinkled with freshly grated parmesan BUT BUT BUT came… *drumroll* MACARONI & CHEESE!!!! AH!!!! Someone please stab me!!!! The macaroni was drenched in cheese!!! And the onion is deep fried onion rings!!! And it came with WET lettuce under French dressing =P when I tilt the plate, the water will flow out… AAHHHHHH!!!!!! I picked up the tomato in the macaroni and put it in my mouth and all I could taste is CHEESE!!!!! I think my colleague jimmy will just die here… germans put cheese in EVERYTHING. Sandwich also put cheese, onion soup also come with cheese croutons, salad also got cheese, CHEESE CHEESE CHEESE!!! I don’t mind cheese but this is TOO MUCH! Cheese for every meal =PPPPPPP

Chris had bratwurst (sausages) which was super salty >.< I wonder how these ang mos can tahan the bad food =PPPPPPP chris says it’s worse than American food… then he also had pork knuckle which he feels is not that great. Our braised pig’s trotters beat them flat la… ah yo, it’s really bad. He says if he kena posted to Europe for work, he’d turn anorexic =P sheesh, when the ang mos come to asia, they must suddenly realize that life has just begun, that there’s real food in the world LOL no wonder Matt loves Singapore food so much =) my friend who used to be fat went UK to study and lost 20kg, came back v handsome LOL forget Marie France bodyline!!! Go Europe!!!!

i actually miss my workplace food... serious... any stall is better than here. aunty's bah chor mee, chinese eco rice, jap food, western food, even the muslim stall which i don't buy from often is better. and guess what? i actually get excited when i see burger king or macdonald's -___________-||| it's that bad lor =(

K la, k la, when I have time I will upload photos. Internet here is 2.50 EUROs for 1 hour.