Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Germans: The Good, the Bad and the Weird

The Good:
K la k la, not all germans are unfriendly.

The waitress at the restaurant in Wurzburg is very nice and sweet. She was v v helpful (and v v pretty too ^^). Too bad, it’s the macaroni and cheese and wet salad place =PPPPP

and the Heidelberg hotel aunties are v nice too ^^

At the tourist info centre in Munich, the lady who attended to us was most patient and friendly. She is not ang mo, same colour as West. Made us feel really welcomed =) what a lovely lady.

And there was a taxi-driver in Munich who helped us to google on his i-phone the closing time of a museum. That’s so sweet of him ^^

and of cos all the staff at Hohenswangau Mueller Hotel were great =)

The Bad:
I’ve talked about the racist café owner in Heidelberg. In our Munich hotel, the receptionist was v v rude. When we booked the room, we requested for non-smoking room but they gave us a smoking room so chris went to inform them, “Excuse me, I think there’s been a mistake. We requested for non-smoking room but you gave me a smoking room.” And the girl sniped back, “It’s a REQUEST! You don’t have to be so upset!” er… chris wasn’t even upset lor… he was just talking normally. In any case, as a hotel staff, she shouldn’t talk to the guests using that tone of voice tsk tsk tsk.

The Weird:
The guy at the customs in the airport chatted with me and offered me a sundae, which I politely declined. Wait he poison me how? Siaoz… Haha…

and got two guys selling fruits and veg in Nuremburg v nice let me take pictures of their produce. Then they offered to pose for me and asked me if they’re muscular plus flex muscles -.- I chin chai shoot one for them and after that delete -.-

And got one guy at the Kaiserburg tried to talk to me in German but I gave him stunned look (cos he had blue Mohawk hair and facial piercings >.< I didn’t know how to react) then he tried “Konnichiwa” and “Ni2 Hao3” -.- I just pretended to be really engrossed taking pictures then quickly run to chris and I think the guy got the idea. Weird people…