Wednesday, 17 June 2009

hehehe =D


hahaha *rub palms together + lick lips*

i have always loved gabrielle's (my macbook air) sexy slickness but like most boyfriends with chiobu girlfriends, she may frustrate you sometimes. gabrielle really frustrates me when i am editing slideshows and videos... she throws tantrums... i try to be patient but she is just like that lor. she is just not powerful enough when it comes to video and slideshow editing. i love the faithfulness and steadfastness of the macbook pro. chris' macbook pro is built to work that way, powerful but she is just too... heavy. carry le arm feels like breaking.

soooooooooooo! now got a sexeh macbook that is powerful!!!!!!!!! at least powerful enough for what i need it to do kekeke... finally someone in apple realised there are people who like small and powerful. somehow, MEN have a fetish for all things BIG. camera must BIG BIG, lens must BIG BIG, tripod must BIG BIG, subwoofer must BIG BIG, monitor must BIG BIG, TV must BIG BIG, everything also must BIG BIG -.-

hehehe =DDDDDD